Interview with Author LR Claude

I write to encourage others’ to believe in themselves.

Tell us about yourself and what you do
I am Author LR Claude and I write for Young Adults, coming of age drama and counter culture adventures. I see so many people that need a hero, that are underestimated and discounted and it’s a shame, I write to encourage others’ to believe in themselves, and to entertain myself.

What is the biggest compliment you received so far? 
My biggest compliment came from a young girl that returned to dancing after reading “Dallas Shadows” and finding the courage to pursue what she loves.

Who are your favorite characters? 
My 2 favorite characters so far are Dallas from “Dallas Shadows” because she is real, she gets into trouble and has the deep honor that pushes her to do what’s right, even though it get’s her into tight spots, and Paper Paulie: writing about a small paper figure and the different worlds he travels as he follows 3 generations of soldiers was a lot of fun, I like the challenges and I enjoy surprising myself.

Where can we find you online?
Find me here:
or twitter: AuthorLRClaude

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