Interview with author and artist Mark Humes

artist, Mark Humes

I love art; I love the how I can fully express the range of human emotions in abstract art and share an image of that with the world.

I had the privilege to interview the talented artist and author Mark Humes. He wrote several books and create amazing artwork, he is also the founder of the new art movement known as Millenium creed. Read the interview to find out more about him.

The_Book_Of_Lost_VersesTell us about yourself and what you do?
I am Mark Humes, and I was born in Wenatchee, Washington, U.S.A in 1974. I served in United States Amry second infantry division and 101st Airborn Division until becoming disabled in 1995. I am A Digital Abstract Artist and the Author of Mindscapes, Mindscapes: volume 2, The Book of Lost Verses series and Creating the Lost Verses: An Adult Coloring Book.

Why do you do what you do?
I love art; I love the how I can fully express the range of human emotions in abstract art and share an image of that with the world.

How do you work?
I start with finding some very expressive music that is matching my mood at the time and create what I hear and feel, doing my best to give raw emotion shape form and color.

What is integral to the work of an artist?
What is most Important to me is expressing human emotion. I feel the whole point of artwork is to illicit an emotional response. However, artwork can’t transmit what is don’t have. So to me that is paramount.

What role does the artist have in society?
I feel in this modern era, The role of an artist is to get people to look at the world in a different way and to try to make them connect with their humanity in an age of technology.

How has your practice changed over time?
I have to say it is always evolving, but I let my subconscious mind lead the way. Seeing that my subconscious mind stores all of who I am, I believe time and experience may change my techniques but the core will never change.

What kind of art do you most identify with the most?
I like doing cryptic abstracts. I often create works that reveal more as you look into them, beings I lead with my subconscious mind and don’t force my art, I am often surprised by the result when I am finished.

What themes do you pursue?
I draw inspiration from anything; Emotions to mythology if I feel that the topic will bring people to an emotional response I go with it.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?
Seeing the Northern Lights the shapes and colors, Its a feeling I always seek to recreate in my art.

Why art?
It’s the power to express yourself and move others with only a picture. If I can get one person to see the world differently and have their life become better because of it, I have done my job.



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