Interview with actress Elena Grosso

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Actress Elena Grosso: “We are working with youth at risk and homeless children in a theater program to develop their self-esteem and to help them build their dreams.”

I had the privilege to interview Elena Grosso a super talented actress from Italy. Elena is based in NYC where she attended the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Insitute. She is involved in acting, producing, directing and also works for a non profit organisation. Read the interview to find out more.

What inspired you to become an actress?
I guess I always wanted to act, I don’t know exactly what inspired me to act I know that I am constantly inspired to do so, I fell like everything that happens in my life is an opportunity to act, I feel like I should be 20 different people every week someone new, so in that sense I always wanted to act. Also since I was really young I always wanted to be the clown of the situation, so to me acting it’s simply being myself!

Can you tell us more about your work for The Actors Theater Workshop?
The actors Theater Workshop it’s a theater company here in NY, and as a nonprofit, it does a lot of charity work, I work as a Coordinator for this Children Program and this month we are working with youth at risk and homeless children in a theater program to develop their self-esteem and to help them build their dreams.

What is it like to work with homeless children what impact does it have on you?
I always worked with children, before I came to NY I was working as a therapist with mentally challenged kids, and I worked for 5 years with down syndrome teens and pre-teens, so for me it’s always amazing to work with children, on the plus side I get to act with them so I combine my two passions. Those children are amazing, to see them work and learn it’s so empowering, it gives you prospective of what is really important. You can learn so much from them.

Any exciting projects coming up?
I am always working on something new, but I guess what is really exciting now is the fact that we a group of good friends and fellow actors, talented and motivated we are bringing a play we wrote together to life. It’s called the Mirror Monologues and the first performance was at the Midtown International Film Festival, now we want to make it a full length play on a theater off Broadway .It’s a series  of monologue we each wrote about the relationship people have with mirror and who it changes in the years and  between man and women. We wrote together we are directing it together; we are just a family of actors!

What advice would you give someone that wants to become an actor or actress?
My real advice would be, be sure of it, it takes a long time, a lot of motivation and a lot of hard work. And I guess that the more and the harder you work the more you get of it, like everything in life. Acting takes a lot out of you, emotionally and time wise, it doesn’t happen overnight and you never stop to learn. And motivate yourself every day, if this is your dream than don’t let anything or anyone stop you, especially yourself.


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