Interior life hacks: make maximum use of your space

Many people and families live in a compact space. So where to leave all your stuff? With these interior life hacks you will make maximum use of your space.  Feel free to comment and include your own tips for other readers! So sitting at home will be a lot more fun. Read on for the best hacks!

Interior life hacks list:

interior life hacks

Multipurpose furniture

Multifunctional items are key! A table that can serve as both a desk and a dining table, a sofa that doubles as a sofa bed and a side table that you can easily transform into an extra chair. Put a desk with a small chair at the foot of your bed, instead of a bench or box. The desk then serves as a place to get ready, home office and more. Mega multifunctional!

Embrace Scandinavian design

A smart way to make your home look bigger is to embrace Scandinavian design and therefore opt for a minimalist interior. Less is more! No busy, overcrowded spaces with lots of furniture and accessories, but one or two eye-catchers, such as a lamp or beautiful sofa. Add simple, decorative items such as plants and rugs. For a real Scandi look, go for calm, neutral colors on the wall and different textures in your interior.

Smart storage system

Install smart storage systems to keep your interior clean and calm. Bed types such as Ottoman or Divan offer extra storage space under the bed, but you can also make optimal use of all the space with custom-made built-in furniture. Tall built-in wardrobes to the ceiling prevent unused space and shelves in the living room or bedroom ensure that the space is used efficiently. The Storage tray also provides extra storage space. You can easily attach this and ensure that you can have all the essentials you need at hand.

Break up your space

A room is often used for multiple purposes, such as a living room that is also the dining room or kitchen. Then it can be nice to separate the different parts of the room from each other. A cleverly placed bookcase, a beautiful folding screen or a trendy glass partition wall help to break up the space. In a living room/office space, mount a desk on the wall for a trendy look that saves space. To create extra storage space, you can hang shelves above the desk.

Crafting corner

For people with kids this is a great add on. Cutting, gluing and drawing are important skills in the development of a young child. Make sure each child has their own drawer or shelf for drawings, books, and craft supplies. Let them make their own creative name tag so they know where to find their own items. Having your own, specific place contributes to everything being neatly cleaned up at the end of the day.

Smart design for small bedroom

A small bedroom? There are many tricks to smartly design it. Attach reading lamps to the headboard of the bed, rather than a light on a bedside table, and fit sliding doors in the closet to save floor space. A bunk bed in a children’s room is a smart choice to save space. The lower bed can also be used as a desk or relaxation corner.

Kitchen ideas

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it’s definitely worth making the most of this space, especially if you have a small kitchen! Use the wall for shelves where you can store pots and pans and keep large kitchen appliances (kettle, microwave, etc.) in cupboards instead of on the counter. This way you have as much space as possible to practice your cooking skills.

Table together

It is increasingly common for families not to sit together at the table to enjoy a meal. Spending time with the family is very important and it is very nice to do this by dining together. Even the little ones can join in, thanks to high chairs, which are designed in such a way that children can sit at the same height as the rest of the family from birth.

interior life hacks

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Mirror trick the life hack we all should know about

The oldest interior trick there is: adding mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space. This also makes the room feel lighter. Hanging a mirror in a bathroom or bedroom is the perfect way to boost the space. Also nice to try a second-hand or unique vintage model, for an interesting detail in your interior.

Space saving items

Interior items that you can fold or take apart after use are ideal when you live in a small space. The Flexi Bath is such an item that can be folded very flat, so that you can store it after your child has had a bath. You can take it out again for the next bath moment! The bath is also perfect to take with you on holiday.

If you have any other great interior life hacks feel free to comment below!

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