Interior design: The Balloon table made by Christopher Duffy

interior design

Creative illusionist Christopher Duffy takes interior design to new heights with his new creation- the elevating table.

Interior design at it’s best! Duffy, creator of the glass underwater topography map table, has brought a fresh new idea to market. His UP Balloon coffee table depicts the illusion of a floating glass table top held up by 11 red helium balloons. Contrary to the helium and string Duffy tries to fool us with, the ‘balloons’ are actually made of metal resin composite, held up by steel rods. Such a design encourages the viewer to embrace their inner child and let their mind believe this mirage for a moment. However, at £7,800 per unit, this experience isn’t cheap. With only a limited edition 25 units available, you better be quick if you want to get your hands on this unique design.

interior design

interior design

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    wow, idea esilarante!!
    adoro le idee del design internazionale.

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