Insider Tips for Conference Survival


If you are planning on attending a conference, you should anticipate it with excitement, as it will certainly be a great networking and learning opportunity. But long conferences with large crowds and the potential of being unable to see your favourite speaker because the room is already full can also be quite stressful. So continue reading for a few insider tips that will help you survive your next conference and make the most of it.

Make Sure You Will Be Comfortable Throughout the Entire Event

A conference will be a long event, so you want to be sure that you will be completely comfortable throughout it. Therefore, wear comfortable clothing, do not break in new shoes and instead stick with a pair that you know your feet will tolerate being in for hours, and be sure to carry a bag that will not hurt your back. You will be on your feet a lot, so take the steps to ensure your comfort and maintain your energy level.

Start Planning Before You Get There

Before you even get to the conference, it is a good idea to start planning what speakers you want to see. This will help ensure that you do not miss out on anything of real importance. A good strategy is to make a list of the top goals you have in mind for the conference. This list will help you stay organised and focused on what is really important while avoiding distractions.

Once you have your list, be sure to visit your top speakers and vendors first. Do not wait until the last day because some vendors are so tired that they leave early, and the speakers themselves are also exhausted and not nearly as enthusiastic.

Don’t Work While You are at the Conference

Rather than trying to multitask while you are at conference events and browsing vendor tables, it is best to carve out a couple of hours each day to get some work done in a quiet area, such as in your hotel room. This strategy will allow you to stay focused on what the conference has to offer, and you will be able to really take it all in and learn new things and make new connections. Rest assured that you can get some work related tasks done, but they do not have to get in the way of the conference itself.

Be Flexible

No matter how much you plan, there will inevitably be things that you can’t control while you are at a conference. Just go with the flow and do not let interruptions or unexpected circumstances get in the way of your ability to enjoy the event and all that it has to offer. Instead, remain calm and flexible.

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