Increased Adoption of Mobile Phones

Video game development is an industry that has recently started to make headlines in some of the more developed countries. More people now have access to a mobile device as well as internet connectivity resulting in a greater demand for video games, especially mobile games. 2018 was the first time that more than half of the global population were using the internet in some form or another and more many of them, connecting to the internet via a mobile device is the only option. In the least developed countries, recent network infrastructure has greatly contributed to reducing the gap of mobile broadband coverage making it possible to reach more and more people and help them benefit from the possibility that internet access can provide.

Technological Challenges

A large portion of the human population still cannot be reached with the usual means of distributing broadband connections. The most common challenge is making connections available in more rural areas. Rolling out and maintaining broadband connections in these areas are a major focus and innovation and alternative technology are needed to be able to reach rural areas that are out of range of traditional cellular networks. In a large portion of the world, telecommunication services are still in their early stages compared to other places in the world such as Europe, however, it is also the fastest-growing in the world. Communication companies are already looking at technological innovation in the form of internet backbones that may be defined by principal data routes to help distribute the necessary bandwidth.

A backbone or core is a part of a larger computer network that provides a path of exchanging information between a large number of interconnected devices. The internet backbone can be hosted by different organizations. They could be commercial, governmental or academic network centres that exchange information between countries and across the globe.

A Growing Number of Gamers

As mentioned, telecommunication services are growing at a rapid pace and there has been a vast adoption of mobile phones in the last 10 years. Internet accessibility, however, still has a long way to go and it is the next logical step, granting access to services such as social media and entertainment. When it comes to the gaming industry, many developed countries are seen as the greatest potential when it comes to online gaming. In terms of technological infrastructure, some countries are more developed than others. A great thing that has happened is the arrival of high profile events such as ICE Africa, ICE London, Global Gaming Expo Las Vegas and Macau, Australian Gaming Expo and others bring people from all over the world together to discuss innovations and technologies in the casino gaming industry.

The iGaming industry in Europe continues to remain fragmented and in other parts of the world such as the US, online gaming is just starting to be approved on a state-by-state basis. However, Africa, India and others have the potential of becoming a hub for international iGaming brands. Due to the popularity of mobile games across the globe, it will be the fastest-growing form of entertainment, which is also because digital distribution has made online casino games such as Starburst slot available for everybody that has access to the internet. In addition, video games as a form of entertainment have overtaken most of the other forms of media such as the movie and music industry.

Developing Games as Tools for Learning

Due to the increasing adoption of mobile phones and the internet becoming more prevalent, many game developers are mostly focusing on developing mobile games, instead of going for the more traditional platforms such as the PlayStation and Xbox. One genre of games that is receiving a lot of attention is the concept of serious games. These games are made to increase the learning effectiveness of people. Serious games have been usually developed for the PC platform but with people increasingly shifting towards mobile usage, so too game developers must focus on mobile as well. Developing games for multiple platforms is a standard nowadays and it is only natural that gamers should be able to have access to these games from multiple devices and with the continuous technological development happening in the world more and more people will surely benefit from them.

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