In the Market for a Luxury Bean Bag– 3 Tips to Get You Started

What exactly is a luxury bean bag? When most people think of bean bags, they think about those nasty giant balls– often with a dirty exterior and smelling slightly like urine. That is not what a luxury bean bag is. As the name implies– these bean bags are much fancier than the ones you grew up with! They are great at adding a different texture or color to a space in the home– some can even be used as a guest bed! So, how does one find a great bag that not only looks stylish but is affordable as well?

1. Check Around

Alternative bean bag chairs are getting pretty popular with well-known stores. Typically, bean bags that are considered on the luxury side are made for one or more adults to be able to snuggle up in with comfort. They are a great addition to your living room and solve any seating issues; you might even have guests fighting over who gets to sit in the giant bean bag! That being said, there are so many companies offering different sizes and styles, it’s really worth the effort to look around before committing to a single one.

2. You Get What You Pay For

This should be a life lesson plastered all over the walls, you get what you pay for. This is especially true with furniture items like bean bags. Have you ever seen a video or social media post of what happens when someone’s dog decides to eat one of their kid’s bean bag chairs? It is an explosion of styrofoam balls that resemble an indoor snowstorm. You don’t want to be the one who has to clean up that mess! So look for durable fabrics and ask questions about the filling of the bean bag. Typically, if the chair is cheap, there will be a reason for it– either it won’t last as long as you’d like it to, it won’t be comfortable, or worse, both. Also, take into account shipping rates, quality bean bags are not exactly lightweight and if a company will pay for the shipping of a more expensive product, you’ll be able to save some money!

3. Read the Reviews

Who can you count on to tell you the truth about a product when you’re considering a big purchase? Companies are normally pretty honest, but the customers that have bought the item before you are the best way to learn about something when you’re online shopping. Sometimes there are even areas on a companies website that will allow you to ask questions about an item so that other purchasers can answer them. This provides you with real feedback. If a bean bag that you are liking has a lot of negative reviews, read through them. Sometimes negative reviews are more due to customer service than product satisfaction– thinking about the intention behind the review is a good tool to keep in your back pocket.

Shopping for a new luxury bean bag is a fun process! Soon you’ll be able to relax on it in the comfort of your own home and see it add that gorgeous interior design element that you’ve been looking for. By following these three simple tips, you can ensure that the bag you pick will be worth the wait.

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