Improving Your Quality of Life in 6 Steps

Are you happy with the quality of your life? Do you wake up with a smile on your face, looking forward to what lies ahead? Or do you wake up weighed down by a feeling of fatigue, hoping the week will end? Are you one of those who always have a song in your heart, or do you get worked up at the slightest of inconveniences?


How would you rate the quality of your life at the family level? Are you invested in building solid ties with your kids, or does your schedule rob you of every spare opportunity to bond with your people? What about at the community level; are you making any difference in anyone else’s life? Or is your life all about looking out for number one?


You could be making good money, traveling the world and supposedly living the dream but still be haunted by a feeling of emptiness. How can you give your life a sense of fulfillment? How do you acquire that balance between striving for financial independence and finding time for the things, and people, that matter? Here are some tips you can use:


  1. Get Some Sleep

From the time you were young, you have been told about the virtues of waking up early. As a student, you probably felt a sense of accomplishment if you could burn the proverbial midnight oil. But while sleep may have been vilified as the preserve of the lazy, it is a vital ingredient of a well-balanced life.


Without adequate rest, you will not have adequate energy or focus on accomplishing the day’s tasks to the degree that you would like. If you’re like the rest of humanity, you will wake up feeling drained and a touch irritable if you don’t get your recommended quota of sleep. Good sleep will not only improve your energy levels and your outlook, but it will also boost your creativity.


  1. Find More Than One Purpose

Life is meant to be more than just the struggle of a 9-to-5 workweek and self-indulgent weekends. One of the keys to improving the quality of your life is to give it a sense of purpose over and above striving to survive and provide for your family. For some, this means finding a spiritual experience that connects them to the universe. For others, it simply means dedicating more of their time and resources to serve the needy in their community.


Speaking of providing for your family, you need to think of how your dependents will fend for themselves if you’re not around to fend for them. Life insurance will help you address this question. Take a step towards giving yourself peace of mind by comparing life insurance rates and selecting a policy that works for your budget.


  1. Remove Toxicity

Do you have friends or family members who constantly shoot down your ideas and tell you what you can’t do? Are you surrounded by spendthrift cronies who are leeching off of your hard work, driving you into debt? Decide to rid yourself of such toxic company.


It may not look like it now, but there are people who will appreciate you for who you are, not what you can buy them. There are people out there who will believe in your aspirations and even help you realize them.


Or are you stuck in an environment that keeps you enslaved to addictions that are draining the life out of you? Getting away can improve the quality of your life immensely. 


  1. Take It Easy

Yes, you have that exam in a couple of days and need to be up to date with the course content. But it won’t kill you to take a break from your books to take a refreshing walk or have a conversation with your mum.


If you work at a desk job, make a point of peeling yourself away from your workstation every hour or two. This is good ergonomics, and the break will serve to refresh your mind, helping you overcome a writer’s block or any similar mental impasse.


  1. Focus On You

As a parent of even one child, it is easy to put your own well-being on the back burner as you focus on ensuring your kids get the best. As the leader of an organization, your focus on the needs of your team can lead you to neglect yourself. While it may feel like you’re doing a noble deed, you’re not only compromising the quality of your life, but the quality of service you offer.


Taking time to focus on your needs is not being selfish; it is actually ensuring your kids or whoever looks up to you gets the best out of you. So go ahead and book yourself a day at the spa or a few days at the beach. Once you’re revitalized, you will be in a better condition to serve others.


  1. Live Your Way

You have to stop comparing it with others’ lives to really enjoy your life. Easier said than done. When you see a flashy new car in your neighbor’s driveway or get introduced to that colleague’s girlfriend who has the shape of a supermodel, it’s hard not to want what they have.


This propensity to compare yourself with others starts right in elementary school when the teacher tells you to work hard at your algebra to be as good as so-and-so. But the truth is that we are all different. To enjoy your life, don’t wait until you get that V-8 engine sports car or land a job as lucrative as your brother’s. Learn to appreciate and celebrate who you are and what you have.


If you look at your life from a bird’s eye view, you will realize how many things you have that others don’t. Even being alive and healthy is enough cause for celebration.




A lot of the steps here will involve you getting out of your comfort zone, and some of the changes will not be easy. So why bother taking them? Because you have only one life to live. Any moves that will increase your enjoyment of it will be well worth the trouble.



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