Improving Water Quality Au Naturale

water quality

We need water to survive, our planet needs water to survive, so it only makes sense that we should be doing everything we can as individuals to keep our water as clean as possible.

Sure, chemicals can do the trick, albeit temporarily, but in the long run that solution will only end up causing more damage to our environment than it is worth (which shouldn’t come as a surprise).

Instead, we should look at improving water quality au naturale. That’s right: how can we keep our water clean naturally, without flushing harmful chemicals through it or spending money on big filtration machines?

Whether it is your backyard coy pond or your municipality’s main water system, there are tons of ways you can help improve the quality of the water around you.

For Your Backyard Pond

  • Bioaugmentation

One of the best ways to keep your backyard pond healthy and clean is through Bioaugmentation.

Bioaugmentation is the process by which additional bacteria and enzymes are added to the naturally occurring eco-system in the pond.

Bacteria and enzymes are a crucial point in the pond’s cycle: they convert nutrients, they act as food for other organisms in the pond, they reduce nitrogen and phosphorous levels, and they help keep the water clear. Clearly, we should let bacteria and enzymes do the work.

  • Add Fish!

For Your Local Water Source

  • Use Appropriate Lawn Care Products

You spray harmful chemicals on your lawn (such as pesticides, growth products, etc.), and then it rains and all of the chemicals that were once on your lawn have now been washed down into the gutter and down the storm drain into, you guessed it, the water source.

Think about how many chemicals must be in that water if everyone in your town or city has sprayed their lawn?

Take the extra few minutes to read the label on your lawn care products, and ensure you are using non-toxic products – or better yet, use natural products!

  • Don’t Use Your Sink or Toilet as Trash Cans

Pouring anything down the sink or flushing anything down the toilet that is not natural or biodegradable is a big no no.

It can block pipes, leading to sewage back ups; it can cause trash build ups in the areas where the sewers empty; and it can even be harmful to wildlife or fish that are using the water these pipes lead into.

Think twice before flushing garbage in the toilet or pouring grease, chemicals, or medications down the sink!

  • Pick Up After Your Dog

This should be common courtesy anyways, but that is not always the case.

If you fail to pick up your doggies doo-doo, the next time it rains it gets washed down into the drains along the street along with the rainwater, which then flows into the local water source.

These storm drains are meant to collect rainwater, not your pets waste – waste that contains bacteria that is extremely unhealthy for animals or humans alike to ingest.

We definitely do not want that in our water.

Pick up after your doggies!

It’s Not Hard

But each of these little changes add up to make a big difference in our water quality.

Do your part in keeping our water, and our planet, healthy and clean for yourself and for every other living thing that needs our water and our planet to survive happily and healthily.

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