Improve Sleep With Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Up until recently most people did not know what blue light was, whenever they saw yellow glasses they just assumed they were one of those scams to fool people into buying what they don’t need.  Well a lot has changed since then.  It is very important to own a pair of anti blue light glasses you need it to protect yourself from the dangers of the blue light.

Blue light is found in sunlight, it helps us maintain our circadian clock; the clock controls our sleep pattern. It tells us when to feel tired or when to feel sharp and productive, hence day and night. We are exposed to blue lights during the day and at night we sleep because of lack of it, that’s how the clock works, the circadian rhythm must be maintained.  The clock controls our sleep pattern, it is important to understand the advantages of a proper good night rest.  A proper good night increases productivity, and helps us avoid several diseases that are attributed to sleep deprivation.

What Exactly Causes An Insufficient Night’s Rest?

Well the blue light is the culprit, as great as blue light is during the day; it is quite disastrous at night.  Blue light can be found in LED screens, light bulbs and essentially all artificial light.  Most times we are glued to screens, at nighttime we are either texting, working or just watching TV.   All modern screens emit blue light and exposure to this light at night time could throw off or circadian clock,  it could trick the body into thinking that it’s still daytime, this could be disastrous in the long-run, this light could affect the quality  and quality of sleep.

How does blue light mess up the circadian clock out rhythm?

It’s really fascinating; the body secretes Melatonin, which causes us to sleep.  Blue light hinders it’s production making it difficult to fall asleep and that throws of the rhythm, often times we are trying to compensate by sleeping during the day or using sleeping pills at night. All this is avoidable, that’s where blue light blocking glasses come in handy.

Blue light blocking glasses prevents blue light from entering the eyes.  Even though the human eyes can block about 99% of UV rays we don’t have the ability to block out blue light. Through thousands of years of evolution the eyes have developed the ability to protect itself from UV light, but with Blue light the body has found the need to prevent it yet. Some serious health problems have been associated with too much exposure to Blue light, e.g. depression, diabetes and some forms of cancer.  With these glasses you can avoid all of these conditions or diseases.

It Actually Let’s You Sleep Better

Blue light glasses block blue light almost completely, a study had shown that blue light blocking glasses actually help adult sleep better if they wore it hours before going to bed.

It’s pretty invaluable for shift workers.  Shift workers usually get off work around 11pm, they would have been exposed to an excessive amount of blue light and find it near impossible to sleep, if they wore the glasses a few hours before sleep it could help them sleep better.

Reduces Melatonin Suppression

At this point it’s agreed that blue light at night time are unavoidable, with these glasses the Melatonin suppression is greatly reduced, we can feel asleep at the right time and sleep better.

Restores The Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is an important biological factor, and it’s disturbed by blue light, with the glasses the rhythm is restored because the eyes is exposed to little to no blue light at night.

Other interesting ways to protect the eyes from blue light

Here are a few things that actually help

  1. Switching off all lights at least 2 hours before bedtime.
  2. Reduce computer, TV, phone usage at night.
  3. Use natural nights often like candlelight, or just use the fireplace.
  4. Wear a sleeping mask.

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