Improve Home Exterior Design with These Tricks

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Do you want to upgrade your home’s exterior design? There are many ways to do this, from changing the color of the walls to adding a second story.

However, if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to improve your exterior design without having to spend much money at all, then these tricks will be perfect for you!

Embrace Symmetry for the Proportions of the Landscape

You can improve the symmetry of the landscape by adding borders to your grass or dividing it into sections so that each side is equal. Match the square footage of your house, garden, and driveway to give it a balanced feel. Don’t forget to research driveway paving options for unique ideas. This will fully complement any landscaping you have done around the property.

Swap Exterior Finishes with the Inside

If you’ve got a beautiful stone or brick fireplace in your interior design, experiment with using that same material for your exterior. This will create an exciting look and add some more detail to the outside of the home.

You can also use this idea when it comes to windows- if they’re not already present in part of your home, then you can add them to the exterior for a unique look. If your home is only made of one material, like brick or stone- this will create an interesting contrast between inside and outside.

It also creates a unified feel by matching materials together on both sides of the house.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get your exterior design in order, then cladding is the perfect solution. Cladding will give new life to your home by adding texture or color- you can only use it as an accent piece with other landscaping designs.

Render and Paint

Paint and render will give your exterior a new look, as well. You can use different colors to match the season or change it up because you’re bored with your design. Paint is also cheap- so if you need inexpensive changes for your house, this is a great hack!

Don’t be Afraid of Color

If you’re a bit on the shy side when it comes to color and you’re not sure about what colors will look good together, then this is for you. It’s best to experiment with different combinations that might work well- so instead of committing to one idea right away, try some out!

Replace an Old Roof

If you’ve inherited a home that has an old roof, then it’s time to replace it. You can have your new roof installed in one day, and the entire process will only take about two or three days at most. This is a reasonably inexpensive way to upgrade your exterior design on any house!

Add an Extension

If you’re looking to have a second story added to your home, then an extension might be the best solution for you. This is more permanent than some of the other ideas on this list- but it only takes about two days and will make your exterior design stand out!

In conclusion, these are just a few of the many ways to upgrade your exterior design. It’s not always necessary to spend big bucks when it comes to home improvements- these quick and easy tricks will have your house looking great in no time!

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