Important things to Look Out for When Moving Home

Moving home can be a stressful thing. There is a whole plethora of stages to go through and criteria to meet, and a dozen things that can go wrong. If you want to avoid trouble, it’s worth looking out for certain things as you go through the process.

Arrange a Survey

In an ideal world, your survey won’t uncover anything very interesting. But sometimes, it’ll reveal deeper underlying problems with your new house, which might either scupper the deal, or provide the leverage you need to negotiate a better price. Generally speaking, surveys come in two types: there are HomeBuyer Reports, which just cover the basics, and Building Surveys, which assess the structure of the building. The latter is generally only preferable in older buildings, or those which have been significantly altered.

Consider Upgrades.

If you’ve got an energy performance certificate, you should find that it lists a few recommendations for changes. Installing new double-glazing, or investing in a new combination boiler, can vastly reduce your heating expenses, in some cases. Think about how you might take care of it!

Update your Addresses

When you arrive at your new place, you’ll need to notify all of the organisations which send you correspondence, to ensure that it goes to the right address. In certain cases, like the DVLA, there’s a legal penalty for those who fail to do this. In the short term, you can redirect your post while everything gets sorted.

Sort Removals

If you’re moving a large distance, then getting a proper removal company booked in is essential. You can book this relatively late in the process, when you have a moving date established. If you’re just moving a short way, or you don’t have any large or fragile items of furniture, then you might be tempted to take this step yourself, to save a little bit of money.

Record your Utility Meters

Before you move out of the old place, take pictures of all of the readings on your gas, water and electricity meters.

Sort the Insurance

Buildings insurance is usually a requirement from your mortgage provider. You can usually sort it a month in advance of your actually moving in. Then there’s contents insurance to think about. Double check that your insurance covers your stuff during the move, as well as after it.

You’ll also need to update your car insurance provider – as if their data is outdated, they might consider your claim to be outdated.

Finish the Food in your Freezer

To avoid waste, stop buying frozen food a month or so prior to your move, and finish of what you’ve got

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