Important Reasons To Have Copies of Your Medical Records

medical records

Don’t rely solely on your physician’s office as a source for your medical history. Find out the important reasons to have copies of your medical records.

One of the most important resources your doctor references in your care is your medical records. These chronicles detail your previous medical encounters, treatments, test results, and prescriptions. Although your physician keeps detailed versions of these documents in the safety of their office, having your own copies can allow you to enjoy distinct advantages. Learn several important reasons to have copies of your medical records and how they can help you.

Having Copies Makes It Easier To Switch Doctors

Sometimes, people must transition to a new doctor because their previous practitioner retires or they themselves move to a new location. But you can make this potentially complicated process go much more smoothly and efficiently by having a complete set of your medical records.

This allows your new doctor to quickly understand your history and any allergies or conditions you may have. It also ensures your care is continuous and personalized to your needs, reducing the risk of misdiagnoses.

They Can Help With a Disability Claim

Access to your medical records is indispensable if you are filing for disability. In fact, they can even increase your chances of making a successful short-term disability claim.

They serve as tangible evidence of your medical condition and how it affects your daily life and ability to work. These records can also significantly streamline the claim process.

You Can Take Your Records Wherever You Go

Carrying a copy of your medical records can benefit those who love to travel, especially if they have ongoing health issues. In a health emergency while traveling, having this information readily available for healthcare providers can be lifesaving. It ensures you receive the appropriate care without delays, even when you’re away from home.

They Will Prevent You From Paying for Unnecessary Tests

With your own copy of your medical history, you can arm yourself with the knowledge of every test and procedure you’ve undergone. This awareness enables you to avoid redundant tests that may be recommended during routine check-ups or emergency healthcare visits.

Having this information serves as a financial shield as healthcare costs continue to rise. Your records will help ensure you only pay for the tests that are indispensable for your current medical evaluation, thereby preventing needless expenses.

Copies Prevent Permanent Loss of Your Records

One final reason to have copies of your medical records is that it prevents them from being permanently lost. Although the advent of digital records has made this less of a risk, it can still happen thanks to issues such as data corruption. Having your own backup copy allows you to safeguard against such instances, ensuring your medical history is always intact and accessible when needed.

Obtaining your own copies of your medical records empowers you to take control of your health management, ensuring seamless healthcare experiences. When you’re armed with your medical history, you’re not just a patient but an informed partner in your healthcare journey.

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