The quest for a reasonably priced, genuine full-grain leather product ends here.

ILLICIUM LONDON – The desire for high-quality, timeless leather products can never be overstated. Men from all walks of life need supportive items that enable them reach the peak of productivity each day. Cheap items made from synthetic textiles simply don’t stand up to the rigours of the modern routine.

Illicium was born from a desire to fulfil a discerning man’s needs, and to put it simply, create luxury handmade leather products with the aim of being affordable to not just the complete gentleman, but also the ‘average joe’, while notably excelling in design and functionality. Our bags range from leather duffle bags, to leather backpacks to leather laptop cases; all of which are designed with the aim of being aesthetically beautiful without compromising on functionality or usability.

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Each stylish, functional, and affordable leather bag follows the same foundations of quality, form, and usability. The products and brand strive to bridge the gap between classic British heritage and modern-day panache and sophistication.

Underpinning everything Illicium does is a dedication to ultimate quality and luxury. From using the finest full-grain leather, to finer details such as intricate embossing and personalisation. Design wise, Illicium bags assume a minimalist, uncomplicated form which equally flatters both the older and younger gent. Ultimately, each and every product is the top-shelf option that gentlemen around the world need, to conquer their daily responsibilities.

The materials used for each product begin with premium, handmade full-grain leather, carefully sourced to ensure consistency. Illicium London features a signature Ox-Blood shade, brushed suede interior linings to black leather bags, providing the epitome in affordable luxury. The dedication to providing only the best components extends to zippers, clasps, buckles, and other supportive elements on every bag.

Craftsmanship is crucial at Illicium London. Anyone can claim their items are handmade if people operate on an assembly line. But mass production does not create artistic energy. We employ a team of master leather craftsmen skilled in the art of creating a perfect stitch. Only the highest standards of precision are considered acceptable, so we maintain 100% control of the supply chain.

You’ll find those traits in the Kingsman Leather Messenger Bag. This product is the ideal balance of style, versatility, and practicality. It provides numerous pockets and compartments that hold everything you need to take to work.

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Pictured: The Kingsman Backpack

The leather duffle bags and backpacks from Illicium London follow the same commitment to quality. Each item is handmade in our traditional workshop, featuring the sophistication of full-grain leather with interior suede, ensuring a luxurious user experience.

Several color options are available, and customers are invited to join our waiting list if their preferred items are not currently available.

Each and every product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year quality warranty. Illicium understands you cannot have a high-quality item without offering world-class customer service.

Illicium London wants everyone to be at their best today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Times have been challenging recently, but these circumstances refine us into stronger, more resilient people. Those traits are found in every product we produce.

For more information about Illicium London, visit our website at

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