IGENTELMAN review fiber fragrance for men


I’m very excited to share a new fragrance that I discovered. It’s called IGENTELMAN. Let me first tell you that I am a huge fan of scents that are slightly different from other scents. Therefore IGENTELMAN is more valuable than other fragrances. When you where it people want to know what it, because it truly has something unique to it. Discover about IGENTELMAN in this review.

Upon receiving the product

When I received it I was very happy to see it comes in a clean and luxurious black package. Also whats nice is that the size is perfect to put in your luggage when you travel or in your bag to work. Unlike ordinary perfumes, it is using fiber and it has the ability to deodorize. And yes it smells exactly like the name said gentle man. I love the cool, unique, epicene scent. It has such a different feel than the average man’s perfume a total new scent for him. Perfect for the busy city life.

What makes IGENTELMAN unique?

As I said before it is unique that it has the ability to deodorize without having any harmful ingredients. Another great feature is that you can apply IGENTELMAN on your textiles such as clothing, bedding, shoes, curtains, the carpet and even your car seats! If you are sensitive to fragrances its great to put on your clothes if you don’t want to put it on your skin.

How effective is IGENTELMAN fiber fragrance?

After receiving the product and applying it on different textiles I noticed it smelled great for a long time.  I would definitely recommend this product for men. It’s great to give as a gift since it’s so unique because of the deodorizing effect that most perfumes don’t poses. And its great that it has multiple purposes. Try it out and let me know what you think of this fiber fragrance: http://onperfume.co.kr.


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