Ideas For Building A Better Relationship With Your Boss


One person in your daily interactions that can be tricky to deal with is your boss. Work is a big part of your life, and you spend a lot of your waking hours at your job, so it only makes sense that you want your relationship with your boss to be a positive one.

The good news is that it can get better between the two of you by putting in a little effort. All you can do is to try harder on your end and hope you boss will reciprocate. It’s going to help your life tremendously if you can get along with your boss and see eye to eye.

Come to them with Answers & not just Problems

It’s not a good idea to always be complaining to your boss and bringing them your problems. What you should do is approach them with ideas and solutions. For example, if your boss wants more comradery among team members then suggest custom patches from patches4less. It is a great idea which will help everyone come together as a group. They’re reasonably priced, and you can offer to take the lead in ordering them.

Set up A Regular Check-in Meeting

You can connect better with your boss when you’re on the same page, and you can do this by meeting with your manager on a regular basis. Be proactive and take the initiative to schedule the check-in meeting and come ready to discuss items on your agenda. This type of face-to-face interaction will allow you two to clear up any confusion, discuss upcoming projects and get to know one another better. However, you should also remember to cancel any meeting between you two ahead of time if there’s nothing to chat about that week.

Volunteer to Take on Projects & Leadership Roles

You will get noticed in a positive way by your boss when you step up at work. Volunteer to take on leadership roles and spearhead various projects that arise. Your boss can’t help but notice your extra effort and willingness to put yourself out there in a time of need. Taking on this work will also give you a chance to collaborate with your boss on important assignments and you’ll able to show them what you’re truly made of and your talents.

Respect their Rules

Always going against your boss and making them look bad won’t get you very far or help to build a strong relationship with them. For example, if they’re a stickler for being on time for work then be in your seat early each day. Understand how they function and don’t make their life any harder than it already is. Instead, you should aim to be recognized for what you do that’s good and not by how many reprimands your boss must dish out to you.


Your relationship with your boss matters and your career even depends on it. Therefore, it’s time to take the lead and start making a name for yourself today using these ideas. It’s a process, and you should be open to learning and growing as you strengthen your relationship with your superior.

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