I purchased a Cuerpa product from an instagram ad and my skin couldn’t be more beautiful


I have not been able to keep calm in few months of coming in contact with this skincare brand- Cuerpa. Just so you know, the brand is responsible for the flawless skin I now show off. In case you skipped that, I said this exceptional brand offers for sale, skincare products- one of which is responsible for my flawless beautiful skin. Yes!

Shout out to Cuerpa! Guys, I never imagined I could flaunt such beautiful skin, effortlessly. What? Not at all! For those of you wondering and saying, “just how did it happen?”. Not to worry, I’ll definitely share my transit story. Pretty sure you’ll end up a Cuerpa fan in the next few minutes. Yeah! Here goes nothing.

So, as far back as I can remember, I think in my teenage years, I had a skin reaction. I was in high school and just like many today, I was team hostel. (Giggles). Of course, being a boarder was fun. Social gatherings, games, sports, prep classes, meal times, all the games and pranks on both junior and senior students… was all fun, really. The downside, however, to being a boarding student (in high school) includes those moments you ended up late for an activity, or had your name boldly written on the list of offenders. Gosh! Those were terrible moments. I had my share of it, anyway.

It then happened that I reacted to some things. Started with my legs. It would itch so badly that I’ll scratch and scratch till it bleeds. The sores never healed. Instead, they grew to become dark spots on my skin. It continued for a while and even spread to my hands and arms, and I soon had spots all over my body.

Like you envisaged, what did I not use? From drugs to oils and ointments. I applied a lot. My mum went nuts. I freaked out too. I mean, I was out of high school and wasn’t comfortable wearing sleeveless clothes even as an adult. Poor girl, I soon got used to everyday pants and sweatshirts. Those were my ‘hiding place’. I would wear them just to avoid all the questions that’ll come my way. Lol.

Years passed by, wrapped up in my usual outfit, going about my daily schedule and boom! Change hit us! I came across an advert on Instagram about this body oil from an up and coming brand. At first I wondered… “Only one product doing all of these?” Then the stalker in me arose. (I just had to be sure). I immediately followed the brand (@cuerpaofficial), visited their website to know more about their products and my goodness! I was amazed. The reviews seemed too good to be true. Trust me, I didn’t stop there. I took down a list of their ingredients (which are actually natural) and read up on them. Thanks to google.

All of these drew me nearer. Next, I’m like, “a trial hurts no one, let’s purchase an item.” Since my case is a skin reaction, I wanted something I could use beyond my face. I opted for the Venus ultra-hydrating body oil, which coincidentally was the product I saw in that advert. The price got me thinking. Seemed so expensive at first, that I almost reconsidered making a purchase. Thankfully, I got a bottle and whoosh! Here we are. I cannot recover from this glow and evenness.

If there’s anything I love about this oil, it’s it versatility. Gosh! Venus does a lot. The first few days of application made me realize the authenticity of its hydrating effect. I thought that was all. Then newness! It was like my spot-filled skin gave way to the unleashing of a more beautiful, rejuvenated one underneath. Aha! This is sleek.

Honestly, still feels magical. I mean, it’s not even up to a year of using this product and I’m all fab. Y’all now see the reason for the hype. Cuerpa natural skincare brand definitely deserves a huge appraisal. Thank you Cuerpa for helping me bid goodbye to my days of ‘no to sleeveless shirts’.

I’ll rate this brand, always. I mean, what’s cost consideration when I have the option of a good result? My bottle of Venus has contained in it, Rose hip, Neroli oil, Moroccan Rose, Avocado oil, Apricot and more. What a fine blend!

Peradventure, like my former self, you groom a skin reaction, or you have skin challenges- spots, acne, stretch marks, whatever! With Cuerpa, it’s an end to all of those. Visit their website, or follow them on social media. You’ll definitely find a product that matches your need.

You don’t even have to battle a skin challenge to purchase a product. It’s skincare dhurr. Who says it’s a lady’s thing? The men aren’t left out in this skincare journey. Don’t hesitate, guys. I’m on my way to purchasing other products too. If it’s Cuerpa, I’m in.

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