I Love Wearing Makeup and I Won’t Apologize for It

For a long time, makeup has been more than just a way to hide imperfections. It has evolved into a form of art, a way for people to express their personality, creativity and identity. It has become a symbol and a political statement (think Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s signature red lip), a means of empowerment and emancipation.

And a multi-billion dollar industry.

In the 2010’s, makeup has become a real phenomenon. With the rise of beauty influencers, makeup gurus, and permanent makeup as the fastest growing niche within the beauty industry, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing makeup as a hobby, an extra source of income, or even a career.

So for all the makeup lovers out there, let’s explore all the ways makeup can change lives.

Makeup as an Expression of Freedom

Women have used makeup as a secret weapon as far back as Ancient Egypt, but the power of a flattering makeup look has long exceeded just attracting a potential partner. The 21st century is a historic moment when women are finally liberating themselves in all aspects and redefining femininity.

So wearing makeup no longer has to abide by any rules. The only limitation is a person’s own sense of comfort and confidence. Meaning, if you feel your best rocking a full face of makeup on an everyday basis, be it to the office or the farmers’ market, that’s exactly what you should do, without justifying your choice to anyone. 

Eyebrow Era

In the past decade, the focus has shifted to eyebrows as the focal point of both full face and no-makeup makeup looks. Bushy, lush brows have become a staple, which is no surprise considering the tiresome trend of overtweezing that dominated the 2000s.

Thick, trendy arches don’t only enhance the natural beauty of the face; they have become the signature sign of stylish women across countries, cultures and generations.

The Power of Permanent Makeup

Speaking of eyebrows, any makeup lover must have heard about the phenomenon of microblading. A procedure that gives you 2 years of fabulous brows without reapplying within a 2-hour appointment is definitely the most popular form of permanent makeup, and for a good reason.

However, microblading isn’t only popular as a treatment. It has also become one of the most lucrative small businesses, especially in these volatile times when business reorientation is common.

Experts that offer microblading training in Miami report they’ve had an increase in the demand for microblading courses. The reasons for this are numerous, just like the benefits of becoming a microblading artist. Perhaps the most obvious ones are the opportunity microblading gives makeup lovers to cash in on their passion, and the relatively short and sweet reorientation process that requires no prior experience.

(Permanent) Makeup as a Potential Career

The ultimate statement of someone’s unapologetic love for makeup is dedicating your life to it. It’s a rule of thumb that people who love to do their own makeup love sharing their talent and doing other people’s makeup too, so for anyone who loves wearing makeup, becoming a (permanent) makeup artist is really making the best of both worlds.

In the past, the reluctancy to choose the beauty industry as one’s bread and butter has been justified; but in today’s world, mastering a skill like microblading is a relatively safe business endeavor, as it entails a relatively small investment, and becomes profitable within months.

The key ingredient here, though, is love. Most permanent makeup artists will agree that the love of beauty and each enhanced pair of brows accompanied by a smile on their client’s face are their driving forces.

Dealing with Criticism

Unfortunately, even though most misconceptions about makeup like “makeup is false advertising” or “women who wear makeup all the time are insecure about their looks”, or even “guys shouldn’t wear makeup” have long been shattered, comments like these are still common.

Things get even worse for people starting a career within the beauty industry; they often face judgement from their environment, especially if they’re switching from a more conventional branch of business. Newbees may even end up feeling discouraged and give up.

No one enjoys being criticized, but the best practice here comes down to ignoring it, following your instincts, and believing in the power of makeup!

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