Huawei P20 lite Battery

Smartphones that use lithium batteries, may get affected by usage habits. Things that happen often are, when you use your phone for the first time, you do not need to use a battery, charge the battery up to 0%, or continue charging after the battery has reached 100%. The common problem which is face by many is the low life of the battery which made everyone worry about having a power source to charge it again to continue their works. Huawei p20 lite battery is 3000 mAH which is sufficient for normal use but there are chances of getting a lower lifetime if used improperly and not following the standards for healthy battery life.

 Tips for maintaining a healthy battery  

Following these tips, you can surely maintain the health and lifetime of your battery. Starting from the charger, always use a standard charger which mainly came with the phone. Try to avoid using the phone when the battery level reaches below 20%. Avoid using your phone when it is charging the battery as it can cause overheating because of multiple processes and can degrade the performance of the battery. Try to avoid using your phone in an extreme environment it can affect badly on the battery timing and life.

Actions to avoid fast battery consumptions 

If your phone drains the battery quickly then you must take the following action to avoid suffering much because of a low battery lifetime. First, try to use the phone in a power-saving mode and ultra-power-saving mode choosing from the settings. Second, prefer dark mode over light mode setting which can add to maintaining the battery timing. Third, optimize battery optimization which is a setting available in your phone.

Features of Huawei P20 lite

It is from the family of P series which is listed in the budgeted phone because of its economical price. It contains multiple features, supports dual sim and 4G technology,3000 mAH fast charging supporting of 18W battery and 4GB RAM with 32GB and 64GB storage capacity. It came with android 8.0 Oreo which is upgradable to Android 9.0 Pie through a software update. The display is of IPS LCD with 1080-pixel resolution and 5.8 inches in size enhancing the details of any video you watch, the best source for entertainment and purposeful use. It is what a dream phone of many which you need to take care of with tips discussed above. In case you came up with any problem the customer care service Is always available to help you out.

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