How Using Climbing Tree Stand The Right Way Can Benefit Your Hunting Game


Before you arm yourself with the best crossbow for the coming hunting season, you may want to your climbing stands are in place to provide mobility and preventing your game from picking up your scent. If you’re a beginner, it helps to understand how do climbing tree stands work before actually investing in them.

How does a climbing tree stand work?

Rather than a complicated setup, a climbing tree stands consists of a standing and seating platform that allows a hunter to quickly ascend a tree. The stand is easy to carry around by strapping it like a backpack. Its versatility is making it a popular choice compared to constructing a permanent stand.

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Climbing tree stands are not only safe but they are easy to set up. Its cable retention system means you do not need to worry about nuts and bolts or other complicated mechanisms. While climbing tree stands are generally safer than other types of stands, you are still advised to equip yourself with safety harness and tether yourself to the tree. You can find useful information on

5 Useful Tips When Using Climbing Tree Stands To Keep Yourself Safe

You can easily get the climbing stands with the best safety feature built in from reputable manufacturers. But accidents and injuries do happen from time to time from negligence that can be avoided. Here are some useful tips to keep your hunting injury free.

  1. Choose a solid looking tree

You’ll want to avoid trees that are unhealthy, shaky or ridden with disease or you’ll risk injuring yourself in a fall. Choose trees that look healthy and follow strictly to the recommendations from your equipment’s manufacturer.


  1. Securing both of the platforms together.

The last thing you want is a slip of movement that sends the bottom piece of platform crashing to the ground during mid climb. Always ensure that the top and the bottom pieces are secured with a rope of reasonable length.


  1. Climb without your hunting gears.

Instead of scaling up the tree with your bow or firearm obstructing your movement, pull it up with a haul line. Follow the same best practice when you’re going down and place the equipment far away from the tree.


  1. Be alert of slippery or smooth surfaces.

Snow and ice sheets can make climbing hazardous and so does smooth and flaky barks. You should always be aware of environmental effects and the texture of the tree.


  1. Never climb without a safety harness

Regardless of how good a climber you are or the safety features the climbing stand boast of, never scale a tree without a safety harness. And do keep in mind that the best time to secure yourself to the tree is before your climb, as mishaps could happen during mid climb before you have the chance to do so.

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With the right choice of climbing tree stands and the proper safety best practice, there is no doubt that your hunting game will be a great success.

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