How to wear the neon trend?

One fashion trend that really stands out is the neon trend. The bright colors almost hurt your eyes, that’s how beautiful it is.  Because it is not an easy trend to wear, I will tell you in this article how you can wear neon clothes in different ways. Are you not sure how to rock the daring trend? Don’t worry, with these tips you will look your best.

Welcome to the world of color. Well-known stores are full of it and it is also impossible to imagine life in the fashion world. No matter what season it is, bright colors are naturally great fun. Color contributes to a positive effect on your mood and it gives you more confidence. So enough reasons to go along with this trend.

Perfect for accessories

From head to toe in neon? We recommend not to do this. This popping color is perfect for details or accessories. Such as a bag, belt, earrings or hat. But you can certainly go for a piece of clothing. The neon turtleneck is already a big hit and for summer (crop) tops, bikinis, two piece swimsuits and dresses.

Add contrast

To make the neon trend more stylish than it looks at first sight, it is important to add a lot of contrast to your outfit. For example, combine your neon items with cream, beige or other natural shades. Wear a classic – checkered – blazer over your neon dress or wear that brightly colored top under a jumpsuit or blouse. The neon trend can very well be combined with the so-called utility trend: jumpsuits, jackets, blouses and pants that seem to come straight from the construction site. But whatever you do, remember one thing: neon + neon? Better not.

Start with a basic item

Start with a basic item if you are unsure how to wear this trend. For example, buy bright pants with a black shirt or a white blouse on a top. You are not immediately a rainbow, but you have applied a bright color in your clothing style in a more subtle way.

Wear different items in the same color

Combining different colors is sometimes difficult, especially because it stands out that way. Do you want to catch compliments anyway? Then buy items in the same color, such as women’s suits, sexy rompers or long dresses. A blazer and pants in the same color is the recipe for a fashion statement. An easy way to wear a trend is by choosing a dress or jumpsuit. That is easier to combine, because you don’t have to look for a top near your bottom.

Don’t follow all fashion rules

Keep in mind that there are no official rules in the field of fashion and you have to wear what you think looks good. If in doubt, ask your friends for advice, but always draw your own plan. The nice thing about the trend is that you can mix and match the way you want to.

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