How to wear the motocross trend

motocross trend

The coming season there are a couple of trends that really stand out. And one of them is motocross. And why not racing gear looks really cool and designers are inspired by it! From motor helmets to goggles, knee braces and leather jackets they where all  represented during fashion week. If you love fashion magazines or watch video clips you probably saw some racing inspired outfits. Kanye West was also inspired by racing gear in a few of his collections. So how do you pull of this motocross trend that seems to get bigger every season? Read on to find out and no you don’t need a motorcycle!

The leather jacket

The leather jacket or bomber is essential. If you prefer a toned down look choose a black leather jacket. But if you want to wear the motocross trend properly go for a white leather jacket with some colored details. You also see a lot of color blocked style motor and bomber jackets with bold logo designs.

Motocross helmets

If you want to make your look complete cheap motocross helmets will definitely come in handy. Preferable go for a bright color like red, white, blue or yellow. Make sure it fits with the rest of your outfit. Color coordination will make your look more trendy.

Bike gloves

Finally you have a great excuse to wear dirt bike gloves. Motorcycle gloves are great for protection but also when it gets colder outside they are comfortable to wear. Go for bike gloves with a fun print or choose a pair in the same style as your helmet or outfit. A great addiction to the motocross trend

Color blocked pants

Why wear a boring jeans everyday? Try to add a touch of color to your outfit with a color blocked leather pants. If you don’t like bright colors and want a more sophisticated look go for a black and white leather pants. You can make your look sporty or even sexy if you wear it with high heels.

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