How to wear jeans

Jeans are stylish, comfortable and very versatile so that’s why we all love them so much.

Today we have hundreds of  brands to choose from for every budget, the difference is still in how to style jeans your way. Designer pieces, retails collections everybody can afford, you name it.

And because they are so easy to fit in your wardrobe, you should find a way to get your outfit an original twist.

If you step out of the house for a few minutes, you will notice everyone wearing jeans but only few stand out. But how to style jeans your way?

You need to find your own personal style and add a touch to it to be sure you are not blending in the dull crowd. Forget basic, go bold even if we’re talking about mixing up classic styles.

Skinny jeans look amazing with some high heels and a lace top. For a street look, add some Jordans and a cool backpack. High waisted jeans are ideal for smart casual outfits. Try a fitted shirt and a simple cut blazer.

Raggy, boyfriend jeans have an edge to it. Street glam or just casual cool. Either way you want to mix them up, be sure to find the ideal size for your figure. If you don’t pick it right, you might just look very weird in them and get the exact opposite effect that you were looking after.

Straight jeans would most likely flatter any figure type. These will make your legs look longer if you would go for some cool platforms of heels. For a more evident effect, try to go for a fitted top so the focus would remain on the legs.

Flared jeans speak hippie so why not try to blend in the boho inspiration. A lace top, fringed kimono and ankle boots would complete the whole look.

If you want some cooler jeans go for interesting colors, like neons or pastels if you dare or just for some cool coatings.

Wax coated jeans are in for a few years now and there is no reason to toss them out. They are rock-chic glam while still being much more comfortable than a pair of leather trousers. You can find them for different prices ranging from $20 to $200 for designer jeans, but the way you style them makes a difference.

So is how to style jeans still a big issue?

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