How to Wear a Skirt During the Winter

In January, we’re already three months deep into the cold weather. We all get bored with our go-to warm outfits. Conventional is fine, but it can get repetitive, and you may be craving to show off a little skin.

We have good news – the fact that it’s cold outside doesn’t mean giving up chic, girly outfits. Layering is our best friend here, enabling us to rock even mini skirts in the snow.

Get informed and adopt the right practices, and you’ll look trendy all year round. Let’s take a look at the three primary methods when it comes to wearing a womens skirt in the winter. Bonus tip: you can use the same principles for dresses.

Choose the Right Skirts

Although you do get to wear skirts in winter, it doesn’t apply to every piece in your closet. You’ll need to follow some basic guidelines for selecting suitable winter skirts.

It would be best if you got skirts of thick, heavy materials, as they provide more warmth. Think heavy cotton, leather, wool, velvet, or denim – see, it still leaves a lot of room for style.

When it comes to length, minis to maxis are all available, as long as you apply proper layering. Dark colors are better for winter wear – go for plain or simple patterns.

Wool Skirts

If you’re prone to feeling the cold, you could dip your toes by wearing wool skirts. This material is heat-inducing, keeping all your bodily warmth on you. If you go for knee-length or longer, you may not even feel the chills.

Calf-Length or Ankle-Length Skirts

Long skirts are your best choice if you’re afraid of roughing it. Pair them with boots for style points. Plus, you can get away with leggings underneath without it messing with your look.

Keep Your Upper Body Warm

Another excellent way to make you feel less cold is taking care that your upper body is warm and cozy. It will minimize the chill in your legs.

Go for thick sweaters, several layers, heat-insulating jackets or coats, and throw on warm accessories to balance out the exposure of your legs.

Knit Sweaters

One of the most worn, fashionable winter garments is a knit oversized sweater. Not only are they cozy and soft, but they’re super stylish.

Depending on your style, wear one over your skirt or tuck it in – both create a sense of a well-put-together look while you still seem relaxed and cozy.

Long Coats

If you’re not into rocking medium-length or long skirts, you have to do something else to keep your hamstrings from freezing.

Duster coats will become your best friends. They add warmth and coverage, protecting your legs while adding hints of elegance to your outfit.

Protect Your Legs

Wearing skirts during the coldest months wouldn’t be possible if you went bare-legged. Doing so will be painful and possibly harmful to your skin.

Thick Tights

You may think that opaque tights are the same as pantyhose warmth-wise. They’re not. If you go for models of warm materials, they make a massive difference. Plus, they come in various prints and patterns to add to your look.

Long Socks

If tights aren’t your thing, you can pull off wearing a pantyhose with long stockings. Think knee or thigh length, though. The thigh high socks sold here come in all styles and models, allowing you to go for anything from perky and cute to a bold fashion statement.

High Boots

Especially if your look asks for a short skirt, knee-high (or higher) boots will be a lifesaver. Go for suede if you seek a soft look and leather to amp up the sophistication. When you’re feeling extra daring, go for a thigh-high model.

The Bottom Line

Skirts are fantastic for dressing up any outfit. Still, if you don’t give it enough thought, you may end up regretting your outfit, no matter how good it looks.

Choose the right skirt and accompanying accessories, layer, and make sure you stay warm – you’ll be a fashion queen even in the worst weather.

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