How To Use Promo Items To Get More Customers

Giving away the right promo item can improve the impression of your company by prospective clients. If you give away the right type of items you can increase the chances of those products being used on a daily basis. Promo products can be used to increase brand recognition and as an alternative to the traditional business card. Giving away a thoughtful gift can also establish a feeling of reciprocity in the other party and lead to future referrals and goodwill.  Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your promo items.

Give In-Demand Tech Items To Your Customers

Promo items like branded notepads, pens and refrigerator magnets don’t have the same impact they used to. Money spent on promo is useless if they aren’t going to end up being used.  You’re more likely to stand out and be remembered if you give away something useful like an ultra slim power bank. Everyone could make use of a handy device with the ability to charge their phone on-the-go.

Tech items are also more likely to appeal to millennials who tend to stay at the cusp of what’s happening. Giving away a cool and modern tech item will make your company appear more modern and cutting edge.

Target Your Audience

Give gifts that will remind others of your company when they are about to make decisions about who to do business with. For example, if you are targeting managers or executives try giving out items that they will be using in their office such as a set of bluetooth speakers or a pc mouse.

Give Items To Top Sales Performers

Motivate your sales team by giving them incentives such as branded merchandise. Studies show that sales associates are much more motivated when there is a potential reward at stake. In addition, they can also give your company more exposure by wearing or using these promotional products out into the field.

Go To Trade Shows

Trade shows are a surefire way of finding new clients and making contacts with others in your field. Pick promo items that are relevant to your audience. Increase the chances of an interaction by including a call to action on the merchandise. For example, you can include your company’s social media accounts on the product and ask for a “follow”.

Give Strategically

Save the expensive luxury items for your best clients or those you would like to do future business with in particular. It’s not cost-effective to give an expensive gift to everyone so you may keep the pricey ones for special business associates.

Follow Up

It’s imperative that your marketing doesn’t just end with the promo item. Look for new ways to engage and interact with potential customers. Promo items are simply a tool to make an impression but nothing can take the place of crafting a real relationship via a meeting or phone call. Building a real relationship takes time and effort.

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