How To Turn Your Lifestyle Into Money


There are various tips and tricks out in the online world to make money fast. Unless you are doing something illegal or are very lucky on a gamble, there is not a lot out there that will genuinely give you a turnover you could live from without hard work, perseverance, or both.

When you are using something that you already do to generate a source of income for you, or at the least give you from freebies, it’s not like you are working at all; in fact, you would probably wish that you started sooner. Never has the phrase “do something you love, then it won’t feel like you’re going to work at all” been more apt.

So how do we go about turning stuff that we do into something that we can profit out of?

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There are so many different niches and markets out there for blogging that you will not be alone when you start up. Communities are rife within the online blogging world, so there will always be someone that you can lean on for support and help you out with getting connected with the people you really want. If your money is mainly going on clothes each month and you’re up to date with trends and styles (or even creating your own!), then you may like to try your hand at being a fashion blogger. If you have a penchant for makeup, beauty blogging and vlogging is popular, and there will always be room for a Mommy-blog. Once you start to build up your following you can start getting sponsored for posts, generate money through SEO links and even be sent cool products for review.

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If you know that you are a fast typist (speeds of over 100 words per minute will set you close to record-holders), you can work from home as a transcriber. There are many companies out there that are practically begging for people to come and work for them, and it’s something that you can do in your own time – maybe after work or when you’re chilling out during the day. The faster you are, the more you technically get paid per hour – after all, if you get something done in an hour but they’re setting the limits on somebody who is slower than you, you’re free to do as you please!

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If you are love making gifts for people rather than going out and buying them, and are obsessed with the idea of producing something that is perfect and personal rather than run-of-the-mill … if your friends and family have said that what you have made is something that they would purchase … why aren’t you doing it already?! Get on a craft selling website such as Etsy or set up a page through social media to display your wares. There will always be somebody out there who is looking for something just like what you have made – no matter how wacky or out-there it is. If you are having doubts in yourself about how good your products are, the proof will be in the feedback that you receive.

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