How To Transition Your Skincare Routine From Winter To Spring


Did you notice your skin is different every season? In the winter my skin gets dry because of the cold weather outside in combination with a heater and covering myself with layers of clothing. In this cold season I like to apply a heavy cream on my face but since the weather is getting better during spring I prefer a lighter moisturizer.

To get the winter completely out of your system check out the infographic below with tips that will benefit your skincare routine this spring. To remove dead skin cells I suggest to exfoliate your entire body, it’s the ideal way to prepare you skin for hair removal and for a self-tanner.

A scrub is great for your body too but watch out a chemical peel can dry your skin out even worse especially the ones for your face. It is better to wash your face with a special soap to remove dead skin cells. A clay mask does wonders too and soak up all dirt from your skin, it helps exfoliate dead skin cells and get rid of pores.

When you are outside a SPF of at least 25 is highly recommended to protect your skin. If you spend a lot of time outdoors make sure to apply the SPF every couple of hours. Don’t use old SPF from years ago get yourself a new one, another benefit it’s one of the best creams to prevent wrinkles from the sun.

If you love makeup you may want to go a couple of shades lighter during spring. Dark colors might be a bit overpowering choose soft colors and pastels instead like lavender, blue green shades and magenta.

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