How to Transform Your Bathroom

Sprucing up your living space is a wonderful way to enjoy a bit of a change, particularly if you have become fed up and restless with being stuck at home this last year thanks to the pandemic. There are plenty of things you can do to update your home, but some changes are more beneficial than others. Rather than just hanging up some new artwork or changing the color of your wallpaper, why not give your bathroom a makeover? It could help to increase your property’s value and create the perfect environment for a relaxing shower or soak in the tub. If this sounds appealing to you, here is how you can do it.

Get a New Suite

One of the biggest ways you can make a change in your bathroom is by investing in an entirely new suite. If you have always been a fan of vintage looks, why not get a deep tub that stands on four metal legs? Or perhaps a copper suite instead? If that is not to your taste, a sleek, modern walk-in shower could be the better choice for you, with a minimalist sink and chic toilet. You might also want to have a smart shower installed which can help you control your energy usage and guarantee the perfect shower every time you use it.

Fresh Tiles

If you are going to invest in a brand-new bathroom suite, you need to make sure your tiles match the new look. Even if you are not replacing your old sink, tub, and toilet, new tiles can still help to create a fresh aesthetic for a smaller price tag. Just make sure that you are getting good quality tiles that are durable so do not have to replace them a year later. You can see a range of excellent designs at this tile shop Leeds if you need some inspiration.

Change the Color Scheme

A lot of people choose whites and blues when picking paint for their bathroom, and while these colors are always nice, they can also be a bit boring. If you want to make a bolder change, earthy greens can make for a more interesting look while still creating a relaxing atmosphere, probably because they closely resembles colors found in nature. Mocha tones have also proven popular as a different look for bathrooms, or brighter yellows for a more vibrant statement.

Introduce Plant Life

Plants can help to perk up any room of the house, but they look especially wonderful in bathrooms if you choose the right species. If you want to add a hint of the tropics to your experience when you are enjoying a soothing bath or steamy shower, bamboo, orchids, aspidistra, spider plant, or a money tree will all look incredible and make you feel like you are in a luxurious spa in a far-off land.

Art and Other Décor

Finally, consider hanging some prints that fit in with the new aesthetics of your bathroom to make the walls feel less bare. Candles in decorative holders will also look great, as well as pretty items like toothbrush holders, ceramic dishes, and stylish linen closets or shelving units.

If you want to transform your bathroom this year, use these tips to help you realize your vision.



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