How to Throw the Best Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Parties

There have been countless movies showing bachelorette parties that you could only dream of having, where the bride and her friends jet off to an exotic location to have a fun, relaxing weekend with plenty of wine involved. Yet, you will have also seen shows that depict parties that are a disaster from start to finish, which is something you will want to avoid when throwing one for your soon to be married best friend. Whether you have help from other women or not, there are some tips that every maid of honor stands by when planning a bachelorette party, which will make it a night to remember.

Time it well

Finding a time which suits everyone in the group well is going to be a challenge, especially if you are planning on having a large group of people attend. The amount of time it takes up is also important, as you could be having a weekend away in another place, or one night out in the city. If you are relying on a lot of people coming, then it’s best to go for a one-night party, but if there is a select amount of people, then a small holiday is often much easier to plan for. You should also make sure that it doesn’t clash with any up and coming dates that will interfere with everyone’s calendar, such as milestone birthdays or national celebrations. You also don’t want to hold it too close to the wedding, on the off chance that something could go wrong and impact the big day. The key thing here is to make sure the bride herself is free for your selected dates, which is all that matters in the long run. Luckily, most women wouldn’t miss a bachelorette party for the world.

Choose a good location

Do you want a day drinking champagne in a luxury spa, or do you want a night drinking cocktails at a rooftop bar? There are many locations to choose from when deciding on where to go, which can be overwhelming. If you need help deciding, you can always enlist the help of your other friends, who will give you an indication of where everyone is willing to go. A fail-safe option is to have a night out in a privately booked booth, where you can spend the night dancing with the bride. Yet, if you want to make it even more spectacular, then you may want to make the location one with lots of sun and sand, or with spiraling city lights. It is always a good idea to plan separate activities for the day and night. A quirky and fun daytime activity that everyone is sure to love is taking a trip to an ice cream parlor to sample their flavors. Some even stock alcohol-infused ice cream to get the party going!

Have a theme

Themed parties are a great way of getting everyone to let their hair down and have fun with the bride. These don’t have to be silly themes where you all dress up in costume- but it can if you want it to be. Themes are mainly there to help set the tone of the party. For example, an afternoon tea party is more demure and is one that people often go for if they are wanting a separate bachelorette party for women in the family to women who are friends. Yet, a clubbing one may be one better left for the wilder members of the group. Either way, you are bound to get a rough idea of what route to go down when you are compiling a list of people to invite, and it will be much easier to choose a theme everyone is happy with once you know who can attend.

Listen to what the bride wants

Bachelorette parties are for the most part a designated secret. Though your bride hopefully won’t know what is being planned, she will be more than likely to keep dropping hints to you about what sort of party she has in mind. It’s a great idea to listen to what your other friends want, but this night is ultimately about the bride having as much fun as possible, so her opinion is far more important than anyone else’s. This means that even if some friends would prefer a beach holiday, your bride may be set on having a spa day in the countryside.

Set yourself a budget

It’s easy to get carried away with ideas when planning the bachelorette party. However, these ideas may often break the bank when either you, the bride, or your group can’t afford what you have in mind. Though having an extravagant time may look fun, it is also more stress than it is worth, and is never as glamorous as in the movies. It can even get in the way of having a meaningful party with your friends. Sometimes, it is the better option to go cheaper, so make sure you set yourself a budget that everyone is happy with and take note of all the amazing bachelorette party tips that can be pulled off when funds are low.

Make fun memories

Everyone attending the bachelorette party will want to have the best time of their lives with all their friends surrounding them, especially the bride. This can mean planning surprises like a slideshow of baby pictures that will make everyone smile, or by booking a stripper from a company like Central Coast Strippers, which will guarantee laughs across the board. Though this may not be suitable for everyone there, you can make use of things like games, karaoke, and themes to truly make the night a great success.

Take good pictures

Once you have all made it to the party, you will want the night to be captured forever, be it by film or photographs, especially after so much planning. These pictures may never see the light of day, but they will be there for every member of your group to cherish and smile over in the years to come. Having an expensive camera may not be the best option, but you can always make use of your phone camera on the night. A more sentimental idea would be to buy some disposable cameras for everyone, or a Polaroid camera, so that you have many different photographers all night in the form of your friends. It will also mean that it is easier to make an album of the night to gift your bride in the aftermath.

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