How To Take Physical Intimacy A Notch Higher This New Year

Relationships thrive on physical intimacy as much as emotional bonding. But even as chemistry comes easily between partners during early days, it tends to dwindle at some point. Over the years, attraction may fade, and you can feel distant from your partner. The worst part is that it happens because couples fail to make conscious efforts to connect physically. It’s a shame to lose a beautiful relationship just because you do not realize the significance of physical needs. Just a little effort can keep you together for the long haul. Try these simple tips to take your intimacy a notch higher this New Year.

Exercise together

Fitness keeps you comfortable in your skin, but the benefits of working out together go much beyond. Start the New Year by taking up a fitness initiative as a couple. Pick an activity that involves touch. Try Zumba classes or yoga sessions together as they require you to be close to each other. You will feel the sparks flying again as you connect closely on a different level.

Talk about turn-ons

Most couples take each other for granted down the line. Even if they connect physically, they think of it as a mechanical task. Do your bit by talking about things that turn you on. You can make things a lot better in bed if you know what heightens their pleasure. Not to mention, talking about fantasies makes your desires stronger. Try shedding your inhibitions to take your closeness to the next level.

Focus on visual intimacy

Besides being more open in your conversations with your partner, focus on visual intimacy to get the heat going in your relationship. Keep the lights on in the bedroom to enhance the visual experience together. You will find each other a lot more attractive during the intimate moments and beyond. Try your best to look good and find opportunities to complement each other.

Surprise each other

Make new beginnings this New Year by surprising each other in bed. Take the initiative if you are generally the follower. You can buy a real whizzinator XXX to experience a new kind of pleasure together. Seek inspiration from kinky movies to make every night special for your partner. A little effort takes you a long way, and you will enjoy the rewards as much as your soulmate does.

Plan a trip together

A change of scenery can do wonders for physical intimacy, specifically if you have kids at home. This year, plan a couple-trip to an exotic destination. Even a weekend getaway is enough to reignite the spark as you get quality time with each other, away from kids, work, and everything else. Book a honeymoon suite and carry your best lingerie for an erotic holiday.

Taking physical intimacy to the next level can bring new life into your relationship. The best part is that it is easier than you imagine, and you will love every moment of it. Just touch and feel a bit more, and you will feel like lovebirds again!

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