How to Take Control of Your Life


There is a lengthy list of events, circumstances, setbacks, and roadblocks that can interrupt the momentum of your life, disrupting your lifestyle and throwing your emotional and psychological stability into disarray. That’s a natural part of life, and being well prepared to bounce back from these moments of instability is one of those mature and measured responses that classifies wise adults. Here’s a quick list of techniques and strategies to help you overcome low moods and emotional distress so that you’re able to propel yourself back into positivity as soon as possible following a loss of life control.


When you hit a low patch, the first thing you should do is calmly consider your priorities in the immediate future, giving yourself the time to deal with pressing responsibilities so that you don’t slip further into a worrisome place. Depending on your lifestyle and responsibilities, this might entail caring for children or elderly relatives, getting yourself into work, or dealing with bills and tax so that small issues don’t become larger. Be kind to yourself and avoid overexerting in areas low down your priorities list.

Maintain Lifestyle

Your healthier lifestyle habits, whether that be a daily form of exercise or a healthy and balanced diet, are important parts of life to maintain even as you’re not feeling 100%. In just the same sense, changing your lifestyle to incorporate new unhealthy habits, like smoking and drinking to excess, will ordinarily send you further into a slump, so it’s important to recognize and prevent the development of bad behaviors as they manifest themselves. Making sure you’re practicing a few healthy lifestyle habits will keep your physical and mental energies ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Get Support

The support of family and friends is your safety net when things turn down a bad path in life; as you’re always there for them when they’re in a stick, they’ll be more than happy – humbled, even – that you’ve chosen to share with them your problems. Other than the support of loved ones, institutional support – either in therapy, medicine or pharmaceuticals – can also be a mature move if you’re struggling to overcome a setback. Learn more about escitalopram, a drug that helps with anxiety and depression, if you elect to take some medication to give you the strength you need to see your demons away. Of course, it’s always a good idea to consult the experts, so get in touch with the San Diego Psychiatry center to make sure you are on the right path of healing.

Make Positive Choices

Being in a dark place isn’t enviable and with luck is a short-lived and infrequent experience, but while you’re there it’s productive and useful to have a think about new and exciting life choices that might map your exit from sadness and instability so that if you return to that place you’ll have an idea of how to emerge once more. Taking up a new hobby, bringing healthy habits into your life, going out to watch live music or to exhibitions: all these factors are conscious personal decisions that’ll lead you to a place of peace.

Taking control of your life as it descends into a rough patch can feel an uphill struggle, but hopefully, some of these tips will stay help you find the strength to overcome setbacks in the future.

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