How to Take Control of Your Finances


It is very easy to get into a financial mess but can be very hard to get out of it. There can be all sorts of reasons why you suddenly find yourself short of money. If could be that you have had to lose some time from work because of illness or an accident, or it could be that you have lost your job. Even if you find new employment quite quickly, a couple of weeks with no income can cause havoc with your life.

Then there could be a situation where an expensive item such as your washing machine breaks down. It is no fun washing by hand if you have school uniforms and works clothes to get washed and dry. There are so many reasons where it can feel like you have hit a brick wall where money is concerned, but also several things you can do to help your situation.

Don’t Ignore Payments That are Due

If you have bills due and not enough income to cover them, speak with whoever it is you owe money to and explain the situation. Generally, you will find that they will be very understanding and will let you reduce or miss the payments for a short while to give you the chance to sort yourself out. What upsets lenders is when people don’t make payments and just ignore the problem, hoping it will go away – it won’t!

Short-Term Loans

Sometimes the answer can be a short-term loan. You can even arrange these online and receive the funds shortly after being accepted. Same day loans can help you to replace that broken piece of kitchen equipment or can be used to give you some breathing space until your life gets back on track. Some people opt for longer-term loans, but if it is a short-term emergency you are facing, this puts a debt around your neck for longer than is necessary.

Swap Credit Cards

Most credit card companies have special deals for new cardholders. Often, they offer an interest-free period and even if it means swapping your credit cards every six or 12 months, these are well worth taking advantage of. If you can only ever afford to make the minimum payment, it will take you years to clear your credit card debts. However, if those cards are interest-free you will see the balances reduce much quicker, even if you are still paying the same amount. Just imagine how good it would be to not have to make monthly payments to credit card companies. Take advantage of the interest-free period and that could happen sooner than you think.

Plan a Budget

You need to look at every penny you have to pay out and what you have coming in. Stop any luxury memberships for a while to help you get on top. You can still keep fit by taking long walks and save the gym membership straight away. Check your bank statements and see if there are any other subscriptions you can close. Often people have ones they have forgotten about and no longer use. Set a budget for what you spend on each category, such as food, fuel, and other household items. Work out what you need to leave for rent or mortgage, heat, and light, phone, etc., too and leave that money in your account ready to make the payments. Then stick with the budget and you will be surprised how soon your finances are back under control.

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