How to Take Care of Your Pearls


The delicate organic gemstones are a result of a grain of sand being coated in layers upon layers of nacre. The oyster starts this process in order to protect its soft tissue from being damaged by the harsh grain of sand. After the pearl has been built up with several layers of nacre, it’s ready to be harvested and to be made into a fine piece of jewelry. Since pearls are the result of an organic process, unlike other gemstones, they continue to be “living” organisms and are easily influenced by external factors. This is why you should be especially careful with your set of pearls. Whether you own a set of pearl drop earrings or multiple strands of shiny pearls, you want to make sure you get to wear them as long as possible. Consider the following suggestions that will help you keep your pearls’ luster for longer.


Pearl care

Pearls can easily be damaged by make-up products, perfume or hair sprays. You should be very careful when applying any of these. The best solution is to put on your pearls after you’ve applied your make-up, done your hair and sprayed your favorite perfume. It’s also ideal to wait a couple of minutes for the perfume to sink in your skin before putting on your pearl necklace. Also, try to spritz the fragrance on areas that won’t directly touch your pearls. They can start losing their luster if they constantly come in contact with your perfume.


Storing your jewels

All gemstones should be stored away carefully, but pearls require extra care. Keep them in their special velvet packaging to ensure they’re protected when you’re not wearing them. Don’t keep them in plastic wraps or tangled up with other jewelry. They will start losing their shiny overtones and it won’t be long before they become dull looking. Instead, keep them in their box, away from any heating source: fireplaces, TV sets, or radiators. Otherwise, your pearls risk getting discolored or even turn brown overnight. Store strands of pearls flat and don’t hang them on display to avoid putting a constant strain on the string.


Keeping them clean

You can also prolong the life of your pearls by gently wiping them with a soft dry cloth after using them. Don’t use gold or silver cleaners on your pearls. Instead, invest in a special solution that will suit your gems. A nifty trick to help old pearls regain some of their luster is wiping them with a damp cloth and letting them dry on a tissue before coating them in a tiny amount of olive oil. Try not to handle your pearls after you’ve put hand cream on and don’t encourage people to come up and touch them all the time. Make sure to take them off at night before you begin your bed time routine so they don’t come in contact with make-up removers or face oils.



If you wear your pearls daily, you should pay attention to their stringing. In order to prevent damage, restringing should take place yearly or once every two years if you don’t wear them that frequently. Either way, you should opt for knotting the string after each pearl to make sure the gems stay in place and don’t rub against each other too much.141_White_pearl_strand_on_black_velvet


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