How to take care of your natural hair wig

There are many different types of hair extensions and wigs, which of course also need to be cared for. Synthetic wigs are known for, in particular long wigs, that after wearing, they can be full of tangles, lose a lot of hair or simply are no longer beautiful. Even if you often take them in and out of their storage areas, or simply do not store them properly, they can be damaged. Fortunately, you can fix them fairly easily, although this can be very time-consuming. You can’t just go through it with a heavy force with a brush. If you want to detangle a wig you will have to take a lot of patience because it is a time-consuming job. However, it is essential for maintaining your wig.

Therefore we recommend a natural hair wig which is of higher quality than synthetic wigs, it looks better and last longer. Make sure you take care of your hair extensions or natural hair wigs in the right way, then they will stay beautiful for months. Take these tips to heart for a lasting, radiant result.

If you have a natural hair wig, the care of this is very important. This way they will stay in place for as long as possible and your hair will continue to look good. Everyone wants to enjoy their wig or extensions for as long as possible. So read on for some tips.

1. Brush and prevent tangles

For permanently beautiful lace closure hair extensions it is important that you prevent tangles. So get used to brushing your extensions well and patiently every day. Take the time and brush carefully. Preferable with a special hair extensions brush. Detangle your hair extensions with your fingers once a day.

2. Wash your wig

When you wash your wig make sure you untangle your hair first before you wash it. Use only high-quality products for washing. This prevents unnecessary chemicals on the wig or hair extensions. 3. Use an excellent conditioner. When you choose lace frontal with bundles make sure it’s of the highest quality. To keep them beautiful, good care is a must. Use a professional, nourishing conditioner for this and apply it patiently. Then slowly remove any tangles and never apply unnecessary force. Also do not apply too much conditioner. With quality products a small amount is sufficient.

If you buy care products for your hair extensions yourself, do not use alcohol-based products. It dries out your hair and increases the chance of tangles. It is also important that your shampoo and conditioner are paraben, sulphate and fruit acid free. If not, your guarantee on your hair extensions won’t last very long.

3. Swimming cap

When you go swimming wear a swimming cap or put your hair in a knot. This prevents the risk of damage. Chlorine and salt are not good for your hair extensions. Handle your hair with care. Watch out with pulling, wringing and (too) tight knots.

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