How to Support a Friend Who is Struggling

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Few things are more important than our friendships. If you have a friend who is struggling with a problem, you might be unsure the best way you can help them. Fortunately, there are often many things you can do to help your friend through this difficult time. Here’s how to support a friend who is struggling.

Listen to How They Feel

If your friend is grieving, suffering from depression, or is coming to the end of a relationship, they might simply need to talk to get through this difficult period in their life. Sometimes all they need is a supportive shoulder and to feel as if their voice is being heard. It can help keep loneliness at bay and prove to them they have the support they need to move forward.

Make Time for Your Friend

It’s easy to neglect relationships if you have a busy lifestyle, but your friend could unknowingly be struggling with a problem. If you want to be there for them throughout their life, you must make time for your friend, which will provide he or she with an opportunity to talk about the difficulties they are facing each day. The more you see your friend, the closer you will both be, and the more likely they will open up to you during times of trouble.

Ask How You Can Help

Many people often say, “let me know if I can help,” but they rarely ask “how can I help?” The direct question could be all they need to hear to take you up on your offer, as they might simply need you to pick up some groceries or medication, or to walk with them to counseling. Your help and support could take away some of the pressure they are feeling, so they can start to feel like themselves once again.

Encourage Your Friend to Seek Help

Many people are often reluctant to seek help due to fear or denial. It is your job as their friend to encourage them to seek the essential help they need to make a recovery. For instance, if you believe a friend is living with a substance addiction, you should recommend they enter one of the Houston alcohol detox centers to take the first step on the path to recovery. Admitting they need help is bound to be scary for your friend, but your encouragement and support could make it easier for them to admit they have a problem and seek professional help.

Take on Chores

If a friend is struggling with grief or depression, it might be difficult for them to keep up-to-date with their household chores. For example, they might feel too sad or tired to perform simple tasks, such as washing dishes, vacuuming, or taking out the trash. You can therefore help them out by simply pitching in to clean their home. By decluttering their space, you could potentially declutter their mind. You can guarantee they will appreciate the effort you have made to help, and it could be enough to encourage them to move on with their lives.

Cook for Them

Your friend might not want to cook when they are going through a difficult time, but it’s important they take care of their health, no matter how bad they are feeling. Cooking for them will encourage them to eat a hearty meal, which will help them to keep their strength up. Nutrients can also provide them with the energy they need to overcome their problems and take back control of their life. When people suffer depression, they’re less likely to feed themselves properly and will need help in keeping them well-fed and hydrated.

Provide a Distraction

Sometimes all a friend might need is to take their mind off their problems. For example, if your friend is going through a divorce, they might love nothing more than a movie night with their best friend, a takeout, and some delicious snacks. It will provide him or her with a chance to relax, laugh and chat, which could boost their happiness and make them realize they are stronger than they first thought. If a person doesn’t want to talk, simply sitting with them when watching Netflix could be enough to distract your friend and make them feel both loved and supported.

Hold Their Hand During an Appointment

Anxiety can often set in when a person needs to visit a doctor, hospital, or psychologist, which could stop them from attending an appointment. They might feel better if you are there by their side to hold their hand and offer words of encouragement. You can drive them to the appointment or rehab center, sit with them in the waiting room, or you could even go into the appointment with them to speak when they feel as if they can’t.

Offer Your Friend a Lift

If your friend has physical challenges that prevent him or her from getting to A to B, or slows them down, you should offer them a lift when possible, if you have a car. It might not always be possible for them to drive a vehicle, walk, or take public transport, and they may experience anxiety doing so. You could make their life much easier, even for one day.

Provide Them with a Place to Stay

If your friend is struggling for accommodation or just needs a change of scenery, you could always provide him or her with a place to stay for a while – or even just a night or a weekend. They might be more than happy to take you up on your offer of staying in the guest bed, couch, or mattress on the floor.

Make Your Friend a Care Package

Give your friend a reason to smile by making him or her a care package, which can help them make it through a difficult time. For example, you could fill it with their favorite snacks, bubble bath, magazines, beauty products, pajamas, candles, and a pair of slippers.

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