How to Style Your Uggs

So, you’ve clicked on this article because you live in your uggs and want to find ways to wear them all the time, everywhere you go?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The best thing about fashion is that there are no rules. It’s a creative expression and representation of who you are and what you stand for.

So why not express ultimate comfort through your uggs?

There are plenty of ways to style your uggs of choice around the house and out and about.

Let’s start with the most important feature.

Most uggs have hardwearing, reinforced soles to ensure maximum support and durability. That means, you won’t have to worry about feeling the ground on your feet, or your feet getting tired from a full day in uggs, you can trust that you will be 100 per cent covered and supported.

We do the hard work behind the scenes to deliver the best Australian Made uggs we possibly can, so you can focus on what styles and colours best suit you and how you’re going to dress them up (or down!)

Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are easily the most versatile style on the market. They can be dressed up with just about any outfit, leaving you warm and stylish as you take on the day. The soft finish on the boot’s outer can add a casual twist to any outfit, while various coloured ugg boots will give your outfit a completely different feel every time.

Jeans: There are so many ways you can express your style by pairing your ugg boots with jeans. For example, for the laid back, boho woman, she could pair Chestnut ugg boots with a pair of faded blue boyfriend/slouchy jeans. They could even have some rips in them for an ultimate laid back, cool girl look.

On the other end of the scale, pairing some black skinny jeans with black classic uggs is a softer, more refined look. And to take your look to the next level, opt for a pair of tall ugg boots. Mid calf boots are not only right on trend at the moment, but will keep your warmer and cosier. Win-win.


There has been a major increase in the purchasing and styling of scuffs, particularly throughout the isolation period. Fashion as a whole is shifting towards “cool and casual” looks, that allow you to look put together, yet stylish when spending time at home. And the footwear of choice? You guessed it, scuffs.

Matching Tracksuits: This is a match made in isolation heaven and hopefully one that is here to stay. Matching womens tracksuits, including sweaters, hoodies, zip up jackets and sweatpants are on the rise and there is something out there to suit everyone’s style. Be it bold colours, prints, tie dyes, an oversized fit, something a little more slim lined… there is no doubt you can find your perfect tracksuit. And then shop our site for a new pair of scuffs! The rolled hem detailing on our scuffs is also becoming increasingly popular, breaking up your standard one colour approach.

Athleasuire: This is a fashion trend that has been on our radar for years now and it isn’t going anywhere soon. A well-styled outfit that looks like you could be heading to the gym but instead just want to look chic while smashing through your daily errands. While a pair of sneakers would usually complete an athleasuire outfit, why not give some scuffs a try? Easy to slip on and just as comfortable to complete your day!


Sometimes you need a fair of shoes that are strictly for wearing around the house. There’s no shame in that! In fact, after a long day, your ugg slippers will be the one thing that you can look forward to and count on for endless warmth and comfort. And while you’re at it, completely indulge in comfort at home in your favourite pyjamas and dressing gown.

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