How to Style Your Home Office

  1. Add a rug!

One of the first things you should consider when decorating your home office is to add a large rug. Not only will this give the room a higher level of comfort, but it will also add character to the area. There are multiple different styles you could go for, whether that be a large, thick geometric style rug, or a simple, yet effective grey fur rug. The possibilities are endless with this one, but I strongly recommend doing it; your office will feel a thousand times cosier.

  •  Take advantage of your free space

Do you have a lot of wasted space? Whether that be free desk space, or parts of the room that are empty, a plant is always a safe option. Not only will this look fabulous, but it will also give the room a relaxing atmosphere. I understand that work can be stressful, but it is worth trying out filling empty areas with plants in order to portray a more calming atmosphere.

  •  Add some colour!

Along with your brand-new gorgeous rug and plants, you should also consider adding more colour to your home office. Although a clean and simple white, black and grey office sounds far more professional and sleeker, you should add a pop of colour in there! This can be done using a variety of different methods; maybe you would like to add some colourful cushions, or possibly go all out and paint the walls duck-egg blue… You can get creative with this one! Adding some colour to your office will add character and create a more welcoming atmosphere.

  •  Lighting and lamps are essential

You MUST invest in some good lighting and lamps. This can really make or break a home office. Invest in some high-quality lights and add a desk lamp whilst you’re at it to fill up the free desk space and provide a small amount of lighting for those late working nights. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can opt to go for trip LED lights underneath the shelves or drawers. Not only will this make the room brighter (obviously…) but it will also look give any office a modern twist.

  •  Get artsy

Adding some art to the wall will lift the mood in any office.  You can hang some cool country flags. Or you can get Get creative, support a local artist, add a pop of art to your office, create your own art if need be! This will add a relaxing, more comfortable twist to your working area.

  •  Steer away from generic white gloss

One of the biggest trends now is gloss white EVERYTHING, but when it comes to your office, I’d recommend steering towards a wooden desk. This doesn’t mean it has to be purely oak, you can get creative with this and get painted wood, or maybe solid oak does fit your style, either way a wooden desk is going to last you in the long run and is so versatile when it comes to styling it with other things in your office. Furniture Plus Online have a gorgeous range of wooden office desks at very reasonable prices.

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