How to Step Up Your Jewelry Game on a Budget

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You love sparkles, bling, and brilliance more than anything and you definitely can’t refuse a radiant jewelry piece. But the fact is, jewelry and accessories can get really expensive. Especially if you’re tempted to try out all the latest trends. But here’s some good news: if you are a bling lover on a budget, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our top favorite ideas on how to give your jewelry game an instant upgrade – the frugal way.

1.Rock Mismatched Earrings Using Your Singles

jewelry pieces

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Lost one of your favorite earrings and mourning the loss? No worries! There’s a simple way you can continue rocking your favorite sparkly stud or chandelier singleton. If you don’t have the budget for a new dazzling pair, simply go the mix & match route. From Rihanna to Emma Stone, every celeb out there is a big fan. Not only are mismatched earrings totally trending, but you can combine your singles in endless ways – studs with hoops, barbells with cuffs, anything goes. Our verdict: edgy, chic and effortless at the same time!

2. Create Your Own Statement Pearl in Shell Necklace


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There’s nothing like the beauty of a radiant, ivory pearl. If you love these precious gems as much as we do and you own a lovely pearl, this idea is a must-try. Single pearl necklaces are definitely gorgeous. But, if you are looking for more of a statement piece, give your single pearl a makeover with this easy DIY. As the birthstone for June, pearls make amazing summer jewelry pieces that give your creations an organic, effortlessly beautiful vibe. All you’ll need to create a stunning pearl in shell necklace is a natural shell, a pearl, cord or metallic chain and a head pin. Follow this tutorial for an easy step-by-step guide and the best results. And, if you’re the lucky owner of two radiant pearls, even better. Say YES to crafting your very own pair of pearl-in-shell earrings using the same method and enjoy the compliments!

3. Make Your Own Drop Earrings

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You’re not a fan of faux gems and would rather rock the real thing, yet you’re devoted to keeping it frugal. If that’s you to a tee, this next idea is a definite must-try. Craft your very own precious jewelry pieces. The best way to start is by opting for the more affordable gems, like Amethyst, Rose Quarts or Tiger’s Eye. You can find gorgeous Amethyst rondelles for as low as $5 in supply stores (and you’ll get loads of them for the price). Using simple metallic wire or silver wire, you can craft a stunning pair of drop earrings for a tenth of the retail price. Follow this easy tutorial and make your very own lavender-hued bling! And since you’ll have lots of beads left, save big bucks on Christmas and birthday presents. And offer your girlfriends and family DIY earrings as gifts.

4. Give New Life to Your Hoops by Adding Tassels

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Tassel jewelry is totally hip these days and the best part of it all is that you don’t need big bucks to rock this hot trend. Tired of your overused hoop earrings? Simply give them a trendy makeover by transforming them into tassel earrings! Whether you use leather strands or colorful yarn, upcycling your old hoops costs virtually nothing except a few minutes of your time. A hot trend that’s accessible and adds instant pizzazz to your outfit – win-win!

5.Transform Your Rocks into Jewelry Pieces

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Gemstone and rock jewelry is all the rage these days and we can totally see why. Organic, mesmerizing and unique, gem and rock jewelry pieces carry a unique appeal. Perfect for accessorizing your urban chic ensembles as well as bohemian attire, gems (as well as unique stones) make the perfect statement pieces. If you’ve got a few gems lying around, put them to great use by converting them into amazing necklaces. There are many ways to do so, using basic supplies and minimal crafting skills. Check out these three ideas on how to give your rocks new life without spending big bucks on a new jewelry piece!

6. Say YES to Transformative Jewelry

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In need of a sparkly hair piece to spruce up your updo for a special occasion? If you are not eager in investing in a new crystal hair piece, then here’s a quick tip: simply use your earrings or your rings as hair pins! Grab your shiniest ring or earrings and secure them in your hair using bobby pins. Bonus tip: a sparkly brooch can do the exact same job by doubling as a dazzling hair piece. But the tips don’t end here. Forgo spending on new hair accessories and opt for bracelets (metallic, leather or elastic) to accessorize your top knot buns. Easy, chic and totally free – the transformative jewelry trick is a definite must-try!








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