How To Stay Clear Of Fashion Disasters With Sterling Silver Jewellery

sterling silver jewellery

Even though sterling silver jewellery is a relatively safe bet when coordinating outfits and looks, there are still some serious fashion mistakes to be made. In the majority of cases, sterling accessories are used to enhance a look and complement one’s outfit.

However, there are some cases when things go wrong and the individual should have followed some serious fashion advice. Whether you own necklaces crafted from classic sterling silver or a chunky bracelet, this article will delve into how to make the most out of them.

You want to avoid the risk of looking too over the top and keep things elegant. One of the major ways you can do this is with the top rule: do not match gold with silver. Generally, both conflict and instead of looking elegant you may risk looking bling.

 sterling silver jewellery

Silver Jewellery Faux Pas


Precious metals such as silver will lift and enhance your outfit.

  • When wearing silver during the day

Coordinating silver earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces can be a subtle way to introduce elegance to any daytime outfit. If you want to add a bit of colour and fun, you can find jewellery that mixes silver with black or colder tones. Greys and off-whites are perfect for example!

Other brighter shades that can be worn with sterling silver are reds, bright blues and oranges. These tones complement the precious metal without clashing.

  • Wearing tarnished silver

Like most metals, over time and if not taken care of, they lose their shine and become tarnished. This is especially the case if the jewellery comes into contact with air, water or humidity often. If you are going to wear tarnished silver jewellery, make sure it creates more of a bohemian feel to your look.

  • Carefully consider whether you should wear matching earrings and necklace

Matching sets are a little hit and miss, even when it comes to sterling silver accessories. Something minimal with the right outfit can look elegant whereas something bold that looks thrown together can really go amiss. You want to make sure your current outfit choice warrants the additional accessories.

  • Always ensure your choices match your personal style

If you follow your personal style then you can’t really go wrong. Your accessories and outfit choices should bring out the best in your personality. Celebs and trendsetters have made huge leaps in the way that we wear jewellery and how we put outfits together. Even though the rules are just perspective, never let it put you off if you feel as though a certain look expresses who you are. For example, some say do not combine gold and silver. However, white gold and yellow gold wedding rings have seen a rise in popularity of the past few years.

So essentially, rules are made to be broken, if done correctly.

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