How to Start Composting at Home


I started composting through the use of our old containers and cans from the kitchen. I repurposed them and used them as the composting container where I can eventually grow my plants. However, I became so fascinated about doing something good for the environment, so I decided to invest in a real composting bin or composting tumbler. I bought it because I know through it, I could do more than compost, and I can do the process faster.

The compost tumbler has an intended use, which is to aim to compost faster and quicker. Now that I have it, I prepared some garden soil, make it like the primary layer on the compost tumbler. After an average layer of soil, I then added some of the decaying waste from the kitchen. I also included some of the dry leaves that I swept from the garden. Also, any other biodegradable waste was also added to the mix. Then once it is already a good layer, I added more soil. The process can be done in a cycle until the compost tumbler is full. This is the easiest way to do and start composting at the comfort of your home.

When the compost is all set and laid out, if it’s too dry, you can add a little water like what I do with mine. However, if its already moist, don’t add more water because it can even alter the decaying process. All you need to ensure is that the compost is moist. Make sure not to overdo it or make it too wet or too soaked. Make sure to control the amount of the liquid in it.

You can leave the compost for a few days and check on it from time to time. You will be able to tell if you need to add more water or not. Your instinct will surely tell you. If you do this regularly, you will surely not wait too long to notice the darkening process of the compost that you have. When it is already dark or when it is totally black, it’s all set and ready. You can get your post and put some on it before you put and plant some of your favorite vegetables or flowering plants. Your plants will surely love the new pot that they are going to have along with the organic fertilizer that you have created for free.

Having a compost tumbler at home is really good and advantageous. You will be able to help the environment in your own simple way. You can prevent adding the great problem of the world related to garbage. You can dispose of your biodegradable waste through composting. And, aside from that, you are also creating something useful out of these wastes. You can make really good fertilizer without spending anything. The fertilizer is also good to be used, especially on vegetable plants, because it is purely organic. The fruits and the leaves will be very safe for you and your family’s consumption.

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