How to Start a Perfume Collection You’ll Love to Own

While many think of accessories as handbags, shoes, and jewelry, smelling great is an easy way to add to your appearance. When you smell good, you feel good!

Building your perfume collection can be a daunting task. There are so many to choose from! From florals to citrus, there are scents for everyone to fall in love with.

If you’re not sure where to start when building your personal perfume collection, keep reading for helpful tips.

Determine Your Price Point

Before you head to the store to test scents, you’ll need to do some budgeting. It’s important to determine how much money you’re willing to spend on perfume before you start browsing.

This helps to prevent you from falling in love with scents that are out of your price range. You’ll also want to look into buying fragrances direct vs through third party sellers!

A perfume collection hobby can be pricy. However, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive perfumes! While there are amazing luxury scents, you can find your signature scent at a low price.

Find Scents You Like

Now comes the fun part! Once you set a price range that works for you, you’ll want to head out to test out fragrances.

There are many ways to start a perfume collection. You can find a family of scents you like from different brands or you can find a line from one brand or designer.

Make sure you like the scents! Don’t buy perfume just because it’s trendy. You’ll want to spend your money on a fragrance you’ll actually wear, finding your signature scent in the process.

Perfume Storage

Once you’ve accumulated a perfume wardrobe, the next step is to find space for all of your bottles.

As many bottles are beautifully designed, you may want to place your collection on display and use them as a decor piece. Glass shelving or vanity organizers add a sleek and chic aesthetic to your room.

However, if you’d rather store them out of harm’s way, finding storage in a closet or drawer works just as well.

Explore and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

After you establish a collection, it’s time to start expanding. It’s fun to try out new scents and see what you like and don’t like!

A good way to try new scents outside of the normal family you prefer is to try out testers. These are small samples that offer you the opportunity to try new fragrances without purchasing a whole bottle.

Enjoy the Perfume Collection of Your Dreams

Perfume collecting is a fun, unique, and functional hobby. While many spray perfume in order to mask body odors, others have a deeper appreciation for the science and art that goes into designing a perfume.

Finding your signature scent is a great way to boost your confidence, making you feel and smell amazing. The more you collect, the more obsessed with buying perfume you’ll be!

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