How to Start a Clothing Line A Quick Guide

If you’re passionate about clothing, it makes sense that you want to translate your love for fashion into your very own clothing line. However, having a lucrative clothing line will involve more than just creating gorgeous clothes. You also need to be business-savvy in order to have a successful company, so try to think of yourself as an apparel entrepreneur rather than a fashion designer. 

Here is a quick guide on how to get started on creating a clothing line. 

Create a brand identity

The first step is figuring out what your brand identity and your public identity is. These should revolve around the best attributes of your company since clothing is quite a personal item. What you wear effectively defines yourself, so the clothes you produce for your customers will reflect who they are. Your clothes should embody authenticity first and foremost, but you should also ask yourself:

  • What identity will your clothes project?
  • Who will wear your clothes?
  • What makes your clothes unique?
  • What makes customers choose your clothes over other brands?

Create a business plan

After you’ve come up with your brand, the next important step is the business side. There are a few main details to consider here, including your pricing structure, business model, licensing and any permits that you need. Once all the legal details are dealt with, you should think about the specifics of your business plan and identify the key elements of your strategy, i.e., how you plan on selling your clothes. Include aspects like logistics here, as well. Your initial plan doesn’t need to be lengthy, but as you develop your business, it will most likely start to become more detailed. 

Determine your prices

To verify your prices, crunch the numbers surrounding your manufacturing and distribution costs. You will need to know the cost per unit as a starting point, and then factor in other aspects like business operations and some profit. You should also consider your competitor’s prices as it affects the perceived value of your clothes, as does your branding. If you’re creating a high-end clothing line, the perceived value may be higher than if you were working on a fast-fashion line. 

Build your web presence

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to reach your customer base without a website, especially for small businesses with a minimal marketing budget. Nearly 100% of consumers research a product online before buying, so you can’t really afford to skip the website part of your business. Think of it as a necessary investment in your business, rather than an expense. 

Your website should reflect your brand flawlessly so that your online visitors know what your brand is about when they check you out. If you don’t have the skillset required for creating your own website, you can work with a WordPress agency like Cude Design to create a bespoke website for your clothing line. 

Plan your first line

Now that the business side has been taken care of, it’s time to create your first line. This is the fun part you have probably been waiting for. You can refer back to your brand concept and initial plan for inspiration and then get creative. Remember to create a line that goes back to your brand’s core principles and try to be as unique and authentic as you can to set yourself apart from your competitors.

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