How to Start a Career in the Beauty Industry

beauty industry

The beauty industry is the industry that makes artwork of our bodies. It is one of the biggest industries in the world, and the beauticians in it make masterpieces of the blank canvases of our faces. Make-up artists can completely transform a person. They can make their clients look flawless and stunning, and they can even go towards the opposite end of the spectrum. Costume and special effects makeup are the secret to movie magic on screen. Beauticians make people feel good about themselves. They help them relax – they help them feel and look beautiful. Here’s how to start your own career in the beauty industry today:


  1. Start at Home

Social media means that you can start your beauty career right at home. This works best for those who aim to be a makeup artist. You can really start a following and kick-start your career using social media. YouTube make-up artists are very popular and there is a real interest in tutorial videos. You can become an influencer, or you can use your social media following on your resume later on when you are looking for a job as a make-up artist or hair stylist.


  1. Join a Beauty School

Beauty schools are great resources that will teach you everything you need to know to get hired. Learn all the tips and tools of the trade and you’ll be able to land your first job in the beauty industry.


  1. Get Your First Job

Before you can be big, you must start small. Get your first job and build your experience and resume. Remember to always network and be on the hunt for the next job in the career ladder.


  1. Climb the Career Ladder

The beauty industry is one that you need to network in. Everything about the beauty industry is built on relationships. The first and foremost relationship is the one you have with your clients. Happy clients are ones that are happy with your work and those who trust in your creative vision. Your team is the next important relationship tier. You need to have a strong, connected team to pull of your magic and get the job done well and timely.


  1. Start Your Own Company

Once you’ve gained experience in the industry, you can look to start your own company. Open your own salon and invite your clients to visit you. Install Salon Iris software to streamline the process and make sure your salon is modern and efficient, right from the start. Whatever company you start, use your expertise and rely on the expertise of others to help you get started.


The beauty industry is a vast and ever-changing sphere. The only consistent aspect of the industry is the fact that it is, and has always been, one of the leading industries in our society. Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful – the ideals of beauty, however change. Read how successful women have made it, know your own strengths, and find the path that works for you.

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