How to Spot the Best Tattoo Artists on Long Island

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Body inking has become almost a common sight on many people around the globe. You can spot incredible tattoo designs on the skin of loads of expressive individuals around the globe. Whether they got tatted to commemorate a special moment in their life, honor someone they love, or in the spur of the moment – getting inked is a pretty permanent deal.

When you are considering getting a permanent black and white or colorful tattoo, then you shouldn’t choose the first tattoo artist that pops up. It’s important that you really investigate the skills of the artist.

Nothing is worse than being promised a result and then being disappointed, when the artist’s skills weren’t what you were looking for. There are loads of artists in and around areas of New York, to help you book an appointment with the best tattoo artists on Long Island, here are a couple of expert tips.


Knowing exactly what style you are going with, is important in locating the perfect artist. Some tattooists are more skilled in a certain style and won’t necessarily be able to master a skill that you’re going for.  Most ink shops have a few artists on hand in order to cover all kinds of styles, make sure you book your session with the tattooist that can do what you want.

Common tattoo styles include:

Traditional: This includes old school style designs with roses, women heads, hearts, and anchors. Can be identified with thick borderlines, bold red and yellow colors which aren’t usually faded.

Watercolor: Has become increasingly popular over the past decade. A modern tattoo style that incorporates a variety of colors that appears to be painted and splashed on with watercolor. Therefore, a very poetic kind of design.

Realistic: Probably one of the hardest tattoos to master is realism. Black, grey, and white portraits of special people or even celebrity crushes.

Tribal: One of the oldest styles in the world. You might have seen these on many contact sportsmen’s biceps and shoulders. Strong black lines that are inspired by the Maori tribe from New Zeeland. Tattooists who take on these designs should be able to work in symmetry and straight or curved lines.

Illustrative: An expressive style that allows for interesting concepts and creative illustrations. This could be seen as art in its own right.

Japanese: Originated in the early 1600s and is a great depiction of Japanese art. This include images of dragons, cherry blossoms, and folklore tales. Usually in bright red, blue, and yellow colors.

When you know what style you want to go for, you can start narrowing down artists. Look at more amazing style examples here:



In our technology driven world, anyone who is worth mentioning will have an online presence. Have a look at the website, Facebook page, or Instagram account of the artists you are considering.

A studio that take their work seriously will most definitely put some effort into their website. You’ll be able to gaze upon galleries of their work and read reviews from their clients.

An active online presence will also give you an indication whether the parlor is busy and sought after by other clients. An updated website and regular post sharing show that the parlor is busy which indicates happy clients and hardworking artists.


In order to find honest reviews, you have to start asking around.  When you see someone with great work on their body, feel free to ask them where they got it from. That’s what makes ink so cool as well, the fact that it’s a conversation starter anywhere.

When you hear someone singing a tattooist praises, you’ll know that they’re really good. Even though online reviews are also legit, people are more likely to complain about bad experiences rather than writing a review about their good tattooing experience – unfortunately, that’s a fact.


Especially if you are considering getting a tat that’s style-specific or a really large piece on your whole back, the you are going to need an experienced artist. Go to a tattoo show to witness some artists in action. This will also give you an idea of what’s out there.

It’s important that tattooists stay up to date on current trends and are continually trying to master their skills. Get a few business cards while you’re there and follow up afterwards.

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