How to Share Your Unique Memories in a Beautiful Way


Things may change for better or for worse, but the memories will be there forever. However, sometimes our memory plays tricks on us over the years. We forget names and faces, we recall situations differently, and it takes longer to remember the details of some of the most significant events of our lives.

Not surprisingly, our memory of something is stronger when it is delivered in a visual format, according to Lifehack. It’s no wonder why we take photographs during special occasions and purchase souvenirs while on vacation. We want to capture those moments visually, so they never leave our memory.

Although we visually capture the moments closest to our hearts for a reason, sometimes we end up shoving those memorabilia into a dusty closet. However, with the following suggestions, you can display and share your memories beautifully.

1. Make a shadowbox.

When we have little room to display the physical representations of our memories or simply don’t want to clutter the room with such, it’s hard to know what to do with them. A shadowbox, a transparent box that hangs on the wall, however, is a great way to organize and showcase the souvenirs, objects, and photographs we love the most.

2. Display your photographs inside of a lantern.

Not sure what to do with all of those extra photos? Attach them to the inner glass walls of a solar, battery-operated, or corded electric lantern. When turned on, the light of your lantern will provide a peaceful ambiance and draw attention to the photos featured within your lantern.

3. Print your beloved photos on canvas.

We all have photos we love and cherish whether they feature our friends or a scenic view we witnessed on a family vacation. However, if they were captured on our phones, we might think all we can do is post them on social media. Fortunately, thanks to premium canvas printing, we can blow up and print our photos to hang them on our wall.

4. Arrange meaningful trinkets on a decorative tray.

When it comes to tiny souvenirs and hand-me-down trinkets like pocket-sized snowglobes, jewelry, or miniature pottery, we are often prone to tossing these in miscellaneous drawers in our home. Instead, aesthetically display these on a decorative tray on your dresser, side table, or coffee table to enjoy them each and every day.

5. Place photos underneath a glass tabletop.

Our home may lack extra space, but flat objects like photos take up very, very little space. Arranging your beloved photographs underneath the protective glass top of a side table or coffee table can help keep the memories alive while protecting your photos, all without compromising the availability of space in your home.


Making a shadowbox, displaying photos inside a lantern or under a glass tabletop, printing photos on canvas, or displaying trinkets on a tray are all ways to share memories. Sharing your most precious memories in a visual manner can be one of the best ways to take your interior design up a notch in a meaningful, personal way.

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