How to select eyeglasses that suit you?

Need glasses advice? After wearing contact lenses for more than thirty years, I needed glasses advice myself. I suddenly couldn’t tolerate lenses anymore and had to switch to glasses. So the search could begin.

In most cases you wear glasses all day long and this can be seen as a jewel for your face, but then you have to have the right eyewear.

Glasses and appearance

Glasses have a major influence on your appearance and it is therefore important that you make the right choice. Glasses come in many shapes, colors and sizes and there is so much choice that you will probably no longer see the forest through the glasses. Everyone will eventually find glasses that look good, but the big question is: Which one?

You take into account the shape of your face, which color suits you best, your clothing style and personality and maybe you also want to participate in the latest fashion trends? The good news is that you will get good glasses advice in most eyewear stores. Be critical and take your time to find good glasses. Feel free to bring someone and come back later.

The bad news is that everything about eyeglasses determines whether they look good on you or not. Color, shape, nose bridge, material, glasses and so on. Moreover, it must also be comfortable to wear, if you want to be able to endure it all day. So there is nothing left but to fit and fit again…

Here are 4 tips that you can pay attention to

Tip 1 Color and contrast

It is important that the color of the frame matches your personal coloring. Choose glasses that suit your eyes, hair color and skin tone. It is useful to know which color properties (warm/cool, bright/muted, light/dark) suit you, so that you know which colors to choose. If you have ever done a color analysis, it’s easy. Then check your color fan which colors these are.

Tip 2 How big are the glasses

Choose eyewear that is proportionate to your face. The width of the frame should be the same width as your face. That creates a nice balance. Glasses should not fall within the outer lines of your face, because then your face will appear wider. The eyes must be well in the glass. If the frame is too big, the eyes will appear to be too inward.

Do you also think about the weight of the glasses? How heavy is this one? You can already feel that before you put on the glasses. Watch this. A friend of mine wears glasses all day, but her frames are way too heavy, so they lose all comfort. Glasses must therefore fit comfortably and certainly not be too heavy. You have to wear it all day, don’t you?

Tip 3 Does the shape of the glasses matches your face

Glasses look good on you if they are in harmony with the lines of your face. Do you mainly have straight lines in your face or more round lines?

If you have more straight lines, such as a straight jawline, straight nose, straight eyebrows and narrow lips, a frame with straight lines is more in balance with your face.

If you have an angular jawline, it is important that the bottom of the glasses has approximately the same width.

If you mainly have round lines in your face, such as a round jaw and chin, broad nose, round eyebrows and full lips, then a frame with round or smooth lines is in harmony with your face. Round is beautiful with round and straight is beautiful with right.

Tip 4 Do the glasses match your personality?

The most important thing when choosing eyeglasses. You can choose a fashionable, trendy, classic, cool or neutral look. But most importantly: It must fit who you are!

If you still have doubts about whether you want glasses research shows that people judge, you more intelligently when you wear glasses. Especially for a job interview, glasses turned out to be a plus.

Good luck with the purchase of your glasses.  


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