How to save up money for your first designer bag

Do you wonder how all these fashionista’s can afford a designer bag? When you decide you want to purchase a designer bag, but can’t splurge a month’s rent it might be a bit frustrating. But no worries, there is a solution even with a low budget you can save money to get your dream bag. Whether you want a Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi or new Yves Saint Laurent bag you don’t have to keep dreaming about it. In this list you will find the best tips to save money so you can buy a new designer bag without worrying your breaking the bank.

Save money on lunch and coffee

Do you usually spend money on lunch and coffee? It might not seem like you are spending a lot, but if you are buying coffee at Starbucks 5x a week you are spending a lot of money. Just calculate the amount you spend, and within a year you already have 2 designer bags! You might as well bring your own lunch and coffee to work.

Buy second hand or vintage, instead of new

If you want to save big bucks consider buying a second hand or vintage designer bag. The same exact bag you are looking for is hard to find but a precious handbag for halve the price doesn’t sound bad either. If you really do not like the idea of second hand, then keep up with the sales from designer stores. A 20% discount can make your dream bag affordable.

Take bets at the casino instead of the lottery

Who doesn’t dream of winning the lottery one day? The problem with lotteries? The changes you win are very small. The best change to win a huge amount of money is at a casino or an online casino. You can win money with Blackjack, Bingo, Roulette, Poker and many other games. It doesn’t hurt to try, you never know you might be able to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe of designer clothes! Just check out a couple of casino reviews to find out the best places to play your favorite online casino games. If you want to feel the thrill of betting your chances in person, there are poker cheating devices that might help increase your chances of winning.

Focus on quality and classic designer bags

You want a designer bag in a bright color that might be in this season but the next season it’s not that hot anymore? Focus on quality instead and choose a classic bag in a neutral color like black, white or brown. The benefits? You won’t get tired of it after a year because it’s a classic bag that just doesn’t go out of style, and second you can combine neutral colors with almost any outfit.

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