How To Save Energy In Your Kitchen

Believe it or not, one of the first places you should look when you want to reduce your energy bills in your home is your kitchen. Sure, you can switch energy supplier and shop around for a good deal on your energy utility bills, but there is so much more that you could be doing. Your energy saving habits must start in your home and you need to be actively looking at how you can do better for the environment while saving money.

There are so many electrical appliances in your kitchen, from the washer and the dishwasher to the cooker and the refrigerator. Regular refrigerator repair services can help you to ensure your kitchen isn’t working overtime to be switched on, and having your cooker checked regularly can mean the difference between a gas leak going undetected or not. Vigilance is key when it comes to your kitchen energy savings, and with that in mind we’ve got some of the top ways you can ensure that your kitchen is energy efficient all year around.

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  • Did you know that making a few changes to your cooking methods could save you some energy in the kitchen? Simple swaps, such as covering pots and pans when they boil water to ensure that they boil faster uses less energy. Similarly, you can start measuring the water that you put in the pan so you only use what you need.
  • When you want to batch cook, let your food cool down before you put it in the refrigerator. Why? Because your refrigerator works extra hard to cool the food down, drawing out more energy and wasting it when you could just let it cool down first.
  • The dryer is one of the most power hungry items of machinery in your house. So, ditch the half-loads and start using them for full loads only. It will make a massive difference to your electricity bill if you wait until you have a full load to dry. For your washer, aim to stick all of your clothes on a warm wash instead of a hot one; you can make a difference by up to half of your energy costs by doing so!
  • The taps in the bathrooms and kitchens need to be fixed, as the drips that you experience can waste enough water to fill a bath in just a week. All of this wasted water is lost energy, and you need to get it fixed and stop ignoring it. You have to be careful of your water wastage; the planet is depending on it.
  • Stop opening your oven door when the food is cooking. It’s easier to clean the oven door (while it’s off) and look through it than to continually open the door to check. When you open the door, hot air blows right out, and it’s just wasting energy for your home.

You are in control of the energy that you use from the planet. Take the time to ensure that you have used enough – but not too much.

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