How To Rock The Military Style In Spring/Summer Season

When thinking about the warm seasons, the immediate association is an array of pastels, bright colors, floral patterns, and cute dresses. That doesn’t always have to be the case. There’s simply something truly interesting about creating a contrast between a hue palette traditionally associated with the monotone atmosphere of cold seasons and the liveliness of summer.

So, if you’re looking to make a statement that can differentiate yourself from the crowds, set your floral dresses to the side. Open your wardrobe doors and whip out your khaki, urban grey, army green, and coyote clothes and following the following tips to get the best out of the military style during the warm seasons.

1_army jacket


The Power of Jackets

Outerwear can often be the saving point of any outfit when used right, thanks to its ability to evidence the best aspects that an apparel has to offer. Unless there are basically a billion degrees outside, a light cargo jacket from a thin and breezy material is sometimes all you need to give off those military vibes. On a cooler day, you can opt for a hooded coat which is going to provide that excellent weather bonus. Camouflage prints can be best incorporated in jackets, too.

If you wish to slightly diverge from the typical military outerwear, then turn to non-conventional types. Shortened peplum jackets in any of the colors of the army palette are a refreshing take on the style which ooze of retro vibes and can open doors for new, more delicate and atypical combinations. For instance, a flowered dress would look much better with a dark olive peplum jacket than with a cargo one, if only for the balance between sturdiness and femininity.

2_green jacket


The Power of One Color

This year, wearing a single shade from head to toe is making its return among fashion trends. One of the styles that can benefit most from this is, you’ve guessed it, the military one. Allovers and dungarees are excellent choices when deciding to go for a stroll on a pleasant summer day. Clothe yourself with a khaki or army green allover, then continue the color palette with footwear of the same color. And since we’re at this topic…



The Power of Boots

You can’t go wrong when choosing to opt for boots as footwear to complete your military lookbook. However, there’s also the natural question being raised by the possibly ardent temperatures that scorch us during summer. Is anyone really that prepared to boil their feet for the sake of fashion? Some people may be, but this is likely because they don’t know that the classic boots can be traded for something more season-appropriate.

You can swap the boots for some casual kicks, a pair of espadrilles, or even some mary janes for a pinch of elegance. Dungarees and allovers together with high heels are a bit of a risky temptation, but the right aesthetic and accessorizing can make a drastic impact for the better.



The Power of Accessories

Speaking of accesorizing, they are the way through which you can take the military style one step forward. Put your hair up in a messy bun and drape over your head a colorful headband that will eccelently contrast with the neutrality of the army-themed colors. Follow along with the 2016 trend and boldly showcase a pair of chandelier earrings. Use this as an opportunity to strap to your shoulder a military messenger bag that can blend into the colors to further fit the theme.

The important thing to know is that, as far as accessories go, there isn’t really a middle ground. You either rid yourself of accessories completely, strutting down the street in nothing but a dress and a cargo jacket, or you follow these procedures to ensure that the additions are able to compliment the outfit.

All in all, everyone should have a military inspiration piece of clothing in their wardrobe, which doesn’t need to get off the hanger only when the cold season kicks in. It’s a style that will likely never fade out and that benefits from being one of the most easily recognizable fashion trends.

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